Norton 360 Deluxe: Real-time Threat Protection for 5 Devices

Norton 360 Deluxe
Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton is a long-time player in the antivirus market and Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 is Norton’s newest antivirus protection.

Norton antivirus software is easy to use, with just a few clicks you can install and update every day so you are safe while surfing, shopping or doing online transactions.


Main Features of Norton 360 Deluxe

The perfect real-time threat protection from Norton is very useful to protect you from possible unexpected attacks from viruses, malware or ransomware.

Easy setup and can be customized for all operating systems both for desktop and mobile, if you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to contact customer service which is available 24/7 via live chat or phone.

The list price of the Norton 360 Deluxe is $89.99 and if you are located in the United States paying only $34.99, this means you save $55 (61% Off) plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

Here are the main features offered by Norton 360 Deluxe:

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McAfee Total Protection 2022 Secure Your Account and Identity

McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection 2022 provides not only protection for PC, laptop, or smartphone devices, but also provides security when you browse the internet.

In this era that is completely connected to the internet, protection against cyber attacks is increasingly needed by every user of modern devices. What’s more, when internet usage is much higher due to the Corona virus pandemic, it makes device security and account protection one of the most necessary things.


McAfee Total Protection can be used for all devices based on Windows, Android or iOS users.  You can easily install on the device you are using, and then activate the registration code online. Please save the serial number you got when you downloaded McAfee, because you may need it someday to reinstall McAfee.

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Best and Free Bluehost WordPress Plugins

Bluehost WordPress plugins
Bluehost WordPress plugins

Bluehost has been established since 2003 and is expanding worldwide in providing hosting services.

WordPress as the most widely used website CMS platform is also very supportive with the large selection of Bluehost WordPress plugins available.

Creating a website is easy and fun with Bluehost’s fast and reliable web hosting network.

This value makes Bluehost at the top of the list of hosting service providers for both novice and professional website users. This makes the internet website truly a link for everyone in a borderless online world.


There are thousands of WordPress plugins available such as for traffic analysis, SEO, content, email, social media that you can use according to your website needs.

So what are the best and free Bluehost WordPress plugins for your website? The following plugins are recommended for your convenience in creating a WordPress website.


  • Yoast SEO Plugin

This free WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to write SEO friendly website content with On-Page SEO optimization

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Features of Bluehost WP Pro – 7 Pros and 3 Cons

Bluehost WP Pro
Bluehost WP Pro

As a blogger who is used to using a shared hosting plan, you must be wondering what the benefits of using the Bluehost hosting plan are.

You may also immediately think that it’s not for you, and don’t feel the need for the Bluehost WP Pro plan with hosting costs $9.95 per month.

You feel quite comfortable with the web hosting plan that you are currently using.


If you are a blogger then you need to think as a businessman, which is you need to invest to make money work for you and make more money.

You really need to look far ahead so that the scale of your business can grow bigger.

Most bloggers take shared hosting at the cheapest price or even free if necessary so there is no need to pay for any plugins, themes or tools.


They don’t invest and they just think that their website can reach the top page position on Google, but that’s not going to happen in the real world.

Professional bloggers or world internet marketers generate huge income, and every month spends money to pay for premium services or products.

They don’t think how to pay for the premium service, but their mindset is how this service will make them earn more money.

This is certainly a smart thought from professional bloggers.

So what are the pros and cons of Bluehost hosting

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How to Check Spammy Backlinks and Remove It with Google Disavow Links Tool

check spammy backlinks
check spammy backlinks

As we know, the virtual world is the real world in our daily life which consists of various types of people, there is good people and vice versa.

Those who don’t like your website, for example, will do many ways to drop web rankings including using spammy backlinks and if necessary get your website deindexed by Google.

One way they can do this is pouring your website with poor quality backlinks, both in appearance and or in content, for example using pornographic anchors, or bringing backlinks from a web that clearly contains malware, malicious or viruses, or it could be from website that has been penalized by Google.

How to check spammy backlinks? You have to know how, because if you don’t, the consequences will be very dangerous and your website will crash in the end.

To give an example of this spammy backlink, you can see it in the real world.

Let’s say you have a business called “Restaurant Hosting”. Unbeknownst to you, someone has posted signs on every street leading to a restaurant with the words: “Restaurant Hosting, Free Dining, 1 Km More”.

With signposts like that, how would you describe a Hosting Restaurant? Of course your visitors will try to enter, but will soon be disappointed by the promotion on the signposts that do not match reality.


How does the illustration work on search engines? Yes, of course it’s bad. Not only will the contents of the signposts provide false information that will get Google booted, but Google will also brand your restaurant a liar so it doesn’t deserve to be included in the “recommended restaurant” list.

Spammy backlinks can also be because we choose SEO optimization services that are very careless in providing backlinks. That is, only provide as many backlinks as possible regardless of the content and form of the web that provides backlinks to your website.

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