List of High DA PA Backlinks Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

high da pa backlinks
high da pa backlinks

Creating a blog is not difficult, you can start from the free one first. For example, using the,, Medium, Tumblr platforms or writing on tech blogs that accept guest posts.

The essence of blogging is writing, so as long as you can put your thoughts into writing on a regular basis – no matter the platform, you can already be called a blogger.


But if you intend to make blogging a profession, you need more than just writing, because you have to earn money from it.

You must be able to make your blog an asset and writing as a product that is sold to visitors, build high DA PA backlinks, then monetize that visitor traffic into income.


The process to get to “make money blogging” is long and tortuous. Before you get there, you need to know what it takes, how it works, how to get started, and what to do after your first blog is created.

For this reason, this article will help you get an idea of what steps to take next after the first stage, which is creating a blog, you have passed.

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Safe Way to Choose the Best Web Hosting for PBN


Choosing the best hosting for PBN can be overwhelming. Although it doesn’t have to be expensive, registering multiple domains at once can make you tired all day.


The most important rule in creating a PBN is “never keep all these networks on the same hosting provider”.

The reason is quite simple, because the IP Class and demographics will be the same, especially if you use a shared hosting package.


Even though it seems trivial, this hosting choice decision can determine the sustainability of your PBN network and the safety of your money site in the long term.

Therefore, this time we discuss hosting for PBN which is needed to online the expired domain that you have purchased, then set it so that its footprint is not tracked by search engines.


Web Hosting for PBN

First of all, let’s stay away from the temptation of hosting provider offerings that claim that their hosting is suitable for mass use for Private Blog Network (PBN).

Instead, use VPS hosting. Even though the price is a bit expensive, the results can be seen so real.

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How to Build Web PBN (Private Blog Network) for SEO

how to build web pbn
how to build web pbn

In link building strategy, Private Blog Networks (PBN) is not a new topic. How to build Web PBN is a strategy that many SEO experts still do to win the competition in occupying the best positions in search engines including Google.

Generating backlinks using PBN is still effective, if you know the techniques or how to build a secure and durable Web PBN.


What is a Web PBN?

PBN is widely used by bloggers to increase the rank of their websites. PBN stands for Private Blog Network, PBN is also often used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Off-page).

Web PBN itself has weaknesses and shortcomings, although its use is quite pro and contra from some parties.

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7 Easy Ways to Scam Website Detector

scam website detector
scam website detector

Browsing the internet without limits has now become one of the activities in everyday life such as watching Youtube, listening to music, as well as searching for the information you need.

When surfing the internet, it is important that you access a website that is credible and secure. The reason is, cyber-crime is often a threat to internet users.

There are many types of cyber threats, one of which is a scam so you need to arm yourself with scam website detector knowledge.


Scam is a form of fraud in which cyber criminals often use fake websites to trick victims. The purpose of scam websites is various, ranging from stealing money such as fake banks, stealing personal information, and others.


Here are a number of ways to identify a credible website so that when you surf the internet you avoid being scammed:

  1. Check Site URL

The first easiest way is to look at the URL of the site you want to go to. You can see from the tags used (HTTPS or HTTP), the domain name, to the top-level domain used (.com, .net,, .biz, etc.).

Pay attention to the tags used in site URLs, websites that use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) tags are usually more secure and trustworthy than sites that use only HTTP tags.

This is because HTTPS provides authentication and encrypted communication. However, keep in mind also that websites with HTTPS tags can still potentially be scam and not credible sites. Therefore, it is important to verify it in the following advanced way.

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Divi Theme Builder Tutorial to Create a WordPress Website

divi theme builder
divi theme builder

Visual Builder or visual development tool allows you to create a website page faster. One of the most frequently used development tools is the Divi Theme Builder from Elegant Themes which you can use to build a landing page website.


Using the Divi Builder, a website with two or three landing pages is completed in just a matter of hours.

Is it SEO Friendly? Yes.

Is it mobile responsive design? Yes.

Those are some of the advantages of Divi Builder.


What is Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin that works with almost any WordPress theme – even the ones that were not created by Elegant Themes.

Divi Theme Builder allows you to modify not only the content of your website, but also the design of the website itself, without having to change the theme.

By using the DIVI Builder, you can create web pages (layout, design, etc.) “live“.

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Divi Button Custom CSS

divi button custom css
divi button custom css

Creating a website using the WordPress platform and combined with the Divi button custom CSS that can be customized is very easy.

Elegant Theme really manages to build something extraordinary, you can create a website with any design look you like.

You can start from a WordPress base website with a perfunctory default appearance, to a beautiful website with just a little designer touch.

In the end, this theme really helps web designers and provides thousands of different ways to design the dream website for you or your clients.

Here’s a tutorial on how to customize a Divi button by adding some custom CSS code.


Perfect Theme for Web Designers

If you have tried different WordPress themes, there may not be a perfect theme. However, as a web designer, you need to have the following theme criteria:

  • Free or low price.
  • Can be used on many websites.
  • No limited license usage.
  • Not limited by patent layout.
  • Easy settings and customizable page sections.
  • Mobile friendly with short load times.
  • Easy to access from various browsers.

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CMake: Simple C++ Reflection

simple c++
simple c++

Reflection is a very useful tool and if you aren’t familiar with the state of affairs in simple C++.

The cmake-reflection-template repository is a small working example of a few source files with added reflection which generates serialization and deserialization routines (using std::any<> for simplicity – so it requires C++17 – but it can be rewritten to serialize to JSON instead).

  • Each CMake target that wants to have reflection should have the target_parse_sources() CMake function called on it like so
  • Each source file in the reflected projects has an attached custom CMake command so when it gets modified that command gets ran
  • That command runs the parser on the file – named for example my_type.h – which generates code and dumps it in a file called my_type.h.inl in a gen folder inside CMAKE_BINARY_DIR
  • The resulting my_type.h.inl can be included either directly in my_type.h or perhaps elsewhere – the forward declarations of the generated functions are written inside the classes in my_type.h using the helper FRIENDS_OF_TYPE(MY_TYPE); macro.


It is a bit like what Unreal is doing for reflection of properties – C++ source code is parsed (and annotated with preprocessor identifiers) and each source file includes the generated code for itself.

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