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10 Types of Computer Viruses and How to Prevent Them

types of computer viruses

types of computer viruses

Who doesn’t get annoyed if some programs on your computer become errors, slow until the file extension format changes and can’t be used? This has been confirmed as a result of several types of computer viruses.

The more computer viruses are increasing day by day. The reason is, not all computer viruses are complex. You can create it only by using the Notepad application and some coding commands in it.


As the name implies, a virus means to bring and have a bad impact. For the computer itself, the virus will multiply itself to fill the hard disk memory and make the computer RAM becomes smaller.

Not only that, if the virus is allowed to continue in the computer system, it will damage the entire system and device.


Moreover, the presence of viruses can also steal data, delete files and infect other devices on the network.

However, how the virus can appear, what are the types of computer viruses that are dangerous and how to prevent them? Let’s find out.


10 Types of Computer Viruses

Below are the types of computer viruses that you need to be aware of:

  1. Trojan Virus

The first type of computer virus is a Trojan Virus. This one virus is able to steal and control data on the computer.

Usually this virus spreads to several locations connected to the internet, such as email or other personal data that is not locked with a password.


Indeed, Trojan is not included in the virus group. It’s just that, because of its very annoying nature, Trojan is finally included in the computer virus class.

In order to avoid this one virus, you should use special antivirus software on your computer. Some antiviruses that you can use include Trojan hunter and Trojan remover. Through the antivirus, at least you minimize the possibility of being exposed to a Trojan virus.


  1. Virus Worm

The second type of computer virus is the Worm Virus. Basically, this one virus is not too dangerous for the computer.

However, if left continuously, this virus will make your storage memory full quickly, then the computer system becomes fragile quickly.


This is because the worm virus is able to duplicate itself quickly. Not only that, it can also create useless files on the computer.

Therefore, do not be surprised if your computer storage memory and hard disk become full quickly.

types of computer viruses2


This virus has the same distribution location as the Trojan virus, namely in several places connected to internet access, such as e-mail and internet connections.

In order to avoid this virus, you can overcome it by using an antivirus, be it a regular antivirus or a pro. You can find out the best antivirus software by reading this McAfee vs Norton review.


  1. Multipartite Virus

Multipartite virus is a type of computer virus that hides in the computer’s RAM. This virus will later infect certain operating systems. However, if this virus is not immediately resolved, it will penetrate and infect the hard disk.


This virus can attack your computer quickly. Therefore, this virus is very dangerous for RAM and computer hard disk.

Because, Multipartite virus will format the hard drive automatically and cause some applications cannot be opened.

To overcome this type of computer virus, you can start by cleaning bad sectors. After that, do a disk defragmenter if you are using Windows OS.


  1. FAT Virus

In the fourth position there is a FAT virus. Indeed, FAT virus stands for File Allocation Table virus.

As the name implies, this virus is capable of damaging certain files. Therefore, usually FAT viruses hide in some private storage locations.


FAT virus itself has a very unique way of working, namely by hiding some important files, as if the files were deleted or lost because they are difficult to find and find.

To prevent this kind of virus, you should observe and pay close attention to the data stored on the hard disk.

If at any time you find a file that you have never created before, then it is a FAT virus.


  1. Backdoor Virus

The fifth type of computer virus is a Backdoor virus. Viruses of this kind usually have a form that resembles a file that is in fine condition, such as a game.


This virus is more focused on the mechanism that can be used to access a system, network or application other than the usual mechanism, such as through the logon process or other authentication.


  1. McAfee vs Norton2

    McAfee vs Norton2

    Web Scripting Virus

Another type of computer virus is the Web Scripting Virus. Just like a Trojan, Web Scripting is not actually a virus, but a program code that is used to operate the content on the website.


Because it interferes with computer programs, eventually web scripting is classified as a virus.

To overcome this virus is actually very easy, you only need to do regular cleaning using the Microsoft Windows default tool or use another antivirus.


  1. Memory Resident Virus

Memory Resident Virus is a type of computer virus that was intentionally created to infect and damage RAM memory. If you have been exposed to this virus, then some of your computer programs will be disrupted and become very slow.


It is because this virus will be activated automatically when the computer system is turned on. If your computer is thought to have been infected with the Memory Resident Virus, then you can clean it by installing antivirus such as McAfee, Norton, Avira and other antivirus software.


  1. Companion Virus

The eighth type of computer virus is the Companion Virus. Basically, this one virus has the same purpose as other viruses, which is to interfere with the personal data of the computer owner.

This one virus usually hides in the hard disk, so it is quite difficult to detect. Companion virus is able to change the original data format into a fake data format.


For example, the data you have has the extension .jpg, then the extension is changed by this virus to .apk.

Due to the change in the extension, you will eventually find it difficult to find the actual data.

To overcome this kind of thing, you can use an antivirus and do regular cleaning.

In addition, it is better if you also use a firewall application as a fortress for computer security.


  1. Directory Virus

Directory virus is a type of virus that attacks and infects files with .exe extension. Where, it works by making the .exe file disappear or even error when used for no apparent reason.


Directory viruses will be activated automatically and infect other systems when a program is run. If your computer is infected with this virus, then some programs will be slow and even cannot be opened at all.

To clean this virus, you can’t just use an antivirus. But you have to reinstall your computer’s operating system.


  1. Macro Virus

The last type of computer virus is the Macro Virus. This type of virus is intentionally created with the programming language of an application, not from the programming language of an operating system, such as macros in Microsoft Word.


Macro viruses also usually attack files such as .pps, .xls, .dcom or other macro files.

Not only that, this virus also usually comes via email. Therefore, as much as possible avoid messages that are not clearly sourced into the email.


To deal with this kind of virus, all you need to do is not open and press the link listed in the email. In addition, you also need to do a routine scan of your computer using an antivirus.

types of computer viruses3



How to Prevent Computer Viruses

Below are five things you need to do to prevent getting infected with a computer virus:

  1. Computer Not Protected by Antivirus Software

The first factor that causes the emergence of viruses is the absence of antivirus software that protects your computer. In fact, antivirus software must be owned by every computer to be protected from various kinds of virus attacks.


Antivirus is now available in several sizes, ranging from small to large. There are paid antivirus software such as McAfee or Norton, but there are also other antivirus software that you don’t even have to pay to get it. Antivirus software like Avira or AVG are available for free, you just need to download and install them on your computer.


Not only that, you also have to always check whether the antivirus is updating or not. If there is an update, then let the antivirus update the system.

The reason is, the antivirus will strengthen its security to fight new viruses that might attack your computer.


  1. Visiting a Suspicious Website

The next factor is that you may have visited suspicious websites. The meaning of suspicious here is a website that contains illegal content, such as p**n, gam***ng and so on.


Such suspicious websites usually remain available only to profit from their visitors. Because, when you watch and download content from these sites, usually the content is infected by a trojan type computer virus.

Be careful of trojan viruses because this virus is one of the most dangerous types of viruses in the world. For that, you should avoid visiting such suspicious websites as much as possible.


  1. Open Phishing Email

Phishing email is one of the usual actions taken to trap someone so that their device is exposed to a virus. The trick is to send an email that contains a malicious attachment.

The purpose of phishing email itself is to provoke someone’s emotions to press a link button and open the malicious attachment.


Actually there are several psychological techniques commonly used by fraudsters, but the ones commonly used include email, social media to fake messages.

Because, most people and easily deceived through these three techniques. Therefore, you should be careful when you want to open messages, whether on social media, email or messages.


  1. Downloading Apps or Software Carelessly
McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection

The fourth factor that causes the emergence of viruses on computers is carelessly downloading several applications or software on the internet.

The reason is, if you download on a website whose source is not clear, the application or software you download is feared to have been exposed to a virus.

Well, if that’s the case and you have already installed an application or software that has been exposed to a virus, then your device will automatically be infected with a virus.


Therefore, before downloading an application or software, it’s a good idea to first know the website that provides official and clean from viruses or not.

That way, at least you minimize the possibility of your device being exposed to a dangerous virus.


  1. Using Wi-Fi Without Password

The last factor is the use of Wi-Fi that does not have a password. Maybe some of you feel happy if you find a Wi-Fi connection in a public place that is not locked by a password.


But in fact, the internet connection will actually harm your computer if used. It is because an internet connection that is not locked by a password will be very vulnerable to being exposed to viruses.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use an antivirus and scan for malware or viruses at least once a week, even if you are not using a computer.



Now you already know the factors that cause the emergence of viruses on computers, to various types of computer viruses and how to prevent them.

That way, you can find out whether the characteristics of some of the viruses above are infecting your computer or laptop.


If you think your laptop or computer has characteristics that match the way some of the viruses above work, this may be a sign that your computer has been infected with a virus. You can start fixing it by downloading and installing antivirus software such as McAfee Total Protection or Norton 360 Deluxe.

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