Are Keywords In a Domain Name Important For SEO?

domain name
domain name

To answer this question, you can practice by opening the Google search engine. See the relevant keywords that you want to target, also pay attention to website competitors. For example, if we type keywords related to “SEO” on Google, the search results from the first page of Google turn out to be keywords related to SEO, in fact on the website’s domain name no one uses the keyword name “SEO”. All of them use their own brand names that have nothing to do with the keyword “SEO”.

So for the question: can the current algorithm be top rank if there is no keyword element in the domain name? The answer is: Yes.

The current algorithm does not have much effect because the website factor to appear on the first page of Google consists of many factors, but a domain name that includes keywords will help in increasing search rankings. If you have bought a domain name and created a website, what do you need to do? The next important step is to register a website with Webmaster Tools so that your website can be indexed by Google.


Understanding Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a feature designed by Google to make it easier to use a website in the search engine area. That way, you will more easily monitor your website activity in search engines.


Benefits of Google Search Console

The benefit of the Webmaster Tool is that it can be used to view websites that are registered on the Google Index, Crawl, Search Traffic, and other search engines. Here are the benefits provided by Google Search Console:

  1. Website Performance Information

Every web page that has been updated is not necessarily indexed by the Google search engine. When internet users do a search, maybe your page or website post still can’t be found.

With the Google index feature, your website can be indexed via the entered URL. This feature can also view content keywords, blocked resources and remove URLs. Here the webmasters can make optimal link settings.


  1. View Search Traffic Data

Search Traffic is data related to the performance of website visits and activities in real time. The higher the web traffic, the more profitable it should be for website optimization. So that through this web traffic data, webmasters can improvise on website pages based on high and low traffic.

Search traffic can be seen based on page data, query, device, country, date and search appearance. Grouping by page is through page links that point to the website. While the query is search data based on keywords.

Device means visitor data that uses certain devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops that are used to visit your website. Country is website visitor data based on country and date is website visitor data based on a certain date.

  1. Coverage

Coverage is a report that displays the indexing position of each URLs of your website pages that have been visited or that Google is trying to visit. This report is in the form of status, namely error, warning and valid. In addition there is also a reason for each status, for example the cause of the error.

  1. Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is a feature to report status related to the condition of the page when visitors view the page view using a mobile device, such as a smartphone. If there is a problem, you can click and see in more detail such as a list of pages, how to fix them and contact Google about the improvements that have been made.


  1. Removing URLs from Search Engines

Need to remove URLs from search engines? Why? Not all the information that you have entered on the website can survive without changing at all. If there are so many changes that need to be made, it is better to delete the old page and post new content.

Are old pages deleted on the website also automatically deleted on search engines that have indexed your website? No.

In fact, these “unavailable” pages can also have a negative influence on the optimization of your website. What can be done?

When deleting pages on a website, make sure the URLs are also deleted via the Google search console. In the legacy tools and reports feature you can use the removal tab which will provide you with a page to remove links to your deleted web pages.


  1. Improve the Quality of Internal Links

The Google search console tracks the links you enter on website pages, internal links and external links. Setting internal links on a page is also very useful for optimization activities on the website.

Internal links can help Google to understand the context and relationships between pages on a website. From the data obtained, search engines will detect the most important pages on your website based on the highest number of internal link entries.

In addition, this feature also helps you monitor the presence of external links on your website. External link support is also needed when optimizing your website, especially on links to large websites with high traffic.


  1. Website Configuration and Activity Information

This configuration is used to set the geographical target of the website according to the destination, URL parameters, address changes, Google Search Console user settings and others.

You can view website activity information, as follows:

  • View URLs indexed by Google
  • View website links that are clicked by visitors
  • View a graph of Crawl errors, server errors and also URL errors


Those are some explanations related to Google Search Console for you. This tool has the benefit of helping you to optimize your website; do not forget to register your website on Google Search Console and Bing/Yahoo Webmaster Tools.

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