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CMake 3.16: Support for Precompiled Headers and Unity Builds

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Modules are coming in C++20 but it will take a while before they are widely adopted, optimized and supported by tooling.

Release of CMake 3.16 does not require resorting to 3rd party CMake scripts from GitHub for precompiled headers and unity builds:

  • To precompile means that the compiler will parse the C++ headers and save its intermediate representation (IR) into a file, and then when compiling the .cpp files of the target that IR will be prepended to them – as if the headers were included – the contents of the PCH are the first thing each translation unit sees

  • Easy to integrate – doesn’t require any C++ code changes
  • ~20-30% speedup with GCC/Clang (can be up to 50%+ with MSVC)
  • For targets with at least 10 .cpp files (takes space & time to compile)


What to put in a PCH

  • STL & third-party libs like boost (used in at least ~30% of the sources)
  • Some rarely changing project-specific headers (at least 30% use)
    • for example if you have common utilities for logging/etc.
  • Each time any header which ends up in the PCH is changed – the entire PCH is recompiled along with the entire target which includes it
  • Careful not to put too much into a PCH – once it reaches ~150-200MB you might start hitting diminishing returns
  • How to determine which are the most commonly used header files
    • option 1: do a few searches in the codebase/target
      • <algorithm>, <vector>, <boost/asio.hpp>, etc.
      • note that some header might be included only in a few other header files, but if those headers go everywhere, then the other header gets included almost everywhere as well
    • option 2: – use software to visualize includes & dependencies

Read More »CMake 3.16: Support for Precompiled Headers and Unity Builds

Free Internal Linking Tool to Boost Your Article Rank on Google

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internal linking tool

internal linking tool

The benefit of the internal linking tool is to provide internal links from articles that have been ranked on the first page, to other articles on your website.

This article could be an article that was recently posted, or an old article that still hasn’t ranked in the Google search engine.

Articles that have entered the first page of Google are assumed to have enough power. Usually internal links from these articles are able to raise the ranking of new articles on Google.

How to determine the ideal internal link source article?

You can use Ahrefs to view articles that have entered the first page. Or you can also use the free Google Analytics tool or the Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console).Read More »Free Internal Linking Tool to Boost Your Article Rank on Google

How to Get Bing Verification Code

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bing verification code

bing verification code

Registering your blog or website on search engines like Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools will make it easier for internet users to find your blog.


One of Google’s search engine competitors is the Bing search engine. The search algorithm is simple and almost similar to Google.

This Microsoft product is already well-known even though it changes its name frequently. Starting from Live Search, Windows Live Search, to MSN Search and finally replaced by the name Bing.


One of the tools from Bing which is also similar to Google in indexing a website is by using Bing Webmaster Tools.

When you have got the Bing verification code and verified your website on Bing Webmaster, you will also automatically verify your website on Yahoo!.Read More »How to Get Bing Verification Code

8 Strategies to Build Internal Links on Page SEO

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internal links on page SEO

internal links on page SEO

One of the most common website optimization strategies is to create internal links on page SEO. This strategy is carried out by placing a link on the content published on it so that the link refers to a page on your website.

Being in the top ranking of search engine search lists is not only determined by the quality of the content.

In today’s fierce competition, the influence of internal links on page SEO Optimization to rank your website on search engines is quite large.

The use of internal links and external links appropriately in your content will accelerate your website to reach the main page on search engines.


If internal links refer to links within the website, then external links refer to links outside the website. Building an internal link building strategy is very important.

In addition to being detected by Google, building internal links can also make hierarchy and content management more structured and related.

For those of you who have studied SEO, you certainly understand how important internal links are and their effect on search engine rankings.Read More »8 Strategies to Build Internal Links on Page SEO

Step By Step Guide to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

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wordpress stuck in maintenance mode

wordpress stuck in maintenance mode

Have you ever been in the position of WordPress stuck in maintenance mode? In fact, you are sure that you have updated and completed correctly. Relax, in this article, you will be guided step by step how to fix errors in WordPress stuck in maintenance mode.


What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

Making any changes to the WordPress website, whether changing plugins, editing core files, or updating, the website will usually experience processes that can trigger errors.


That’s what causes the website to be slow, down and even worse it can’t be accessed at all. Of course this can cause a bad user experience for your website visitors. An error website can make visitors disappointed so they choose to leave and no longer visit your website.


This maintenance mode can also affect the bounce rate and SEO even when the website goes down for unknown reasons making it difficult for web crawlers to index your website pages in search engines. It’s a loss right?Read More »Step By Step Guide to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Tools Should You Be Using for Your Digital Marketing

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try node js hosting

try node js hosting

Digital marketing is a popular marketing medium to generate leads and complete conversions. About 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budget in 2021. So, we can say that there are several brands worldwide that use the potential of digital marketing to showcase their web presence.

In digital marketing, marketers build websites and try Node Js hosting services to generate the maximum output from websites.

Many of you will think that website plugin are enough to facilitate your digital marketing efforts. However, the fact is completely different. Although plugins are available with the trusted web hosting provider, there are some tools also that are required to boost your digital marketing efforts.

On the internet, there are plenty of articles related to digital marketing campaigns and strategies. Now, in this post, we will be covering different types of digital marketing tools to enhance your digital marketing campaign. Keep reading the post to know them.


Why is Digital Marketing Essential?

The entire world is experiencing a paradigm shift toward the digital space. Most of the business operations are operating through digital mediums. Therefore, marketers leverage digital marketing campaigns and boost their online presence. Here are some reasons why are they important.Read More »Tools Should You Be Using for Your Digital Marketing

MilesWeb’s Best WordPress Hosting Service

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MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service

If you plan to create a website on WordPress Cloud, you should consider a WordPress Cloud Hosting based on Cloud platform. WordPress was created primarily as a blogging tool, and it is now one of the most widely used blogging systems.

WordPress is a powerful content management system. WordPress allows you to construct sophisticated websites. Thousands of websites today on the internet are built in WordPress. Also, the users choose the best WordPress hosting services to host them.

If you have a beautiful WordPress site, but that’s not enough. If you have a beautiful WordPress site, but that’s not enough. You need to select a web hosting service provider to make your website accessible and online to all users. It not only creates your web presence but also builds the credibility of your business.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2

One of the best ways to host your WordPress site is WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is a hosting platform tailored to meet the needs of WordPress websites.

MilesWeb is a website hosting provider that provides the best managed WordPress hosting service at economical prices. Let us know in brief about their managed WordPress hosting platform.Read More »MilesWeb’s Best WordPress Hosting Service

Instant Indexing: Bing Submit URL

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bing submit url

bing submit url

Do you want your articles to be indexed instantly by Bing?

You can use the Bing submit URL in Bing Webmaster Tools, it will increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

It is an honor if you get direct blog visitors not from direct links, this is because these visitors are organic visitors.

This means that your website appears on the top page of search engines.


This will also improve the quality of your blog because the search comes from organic impressions.

Many organic visitors are closely correlated to increase your ad revenue as a blogger.


How to do Bing submit URL is quite easy, just like you submit to Google Search Console.

Bing is one of the top 5 largest search engines in the world besides Google, so it is very important to submit your blog to Bing Webmaster Tools.Read More »Instant Indexing: Bing Submit URL