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GoDaddy Domain Parking Setup Guide to Blogspot

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godaddy domain parking

godaddy domain parking

GoDaddy is an internet domain hosting and registrar company. GoDaddy as one of the largest domain name providers has 59 million domain names ready to be used for its customers.

In addition to registering or purchasing domains and hosting, GoDaddy also sells e-business related software and services.

Domain parking in a simple explanation is the use of a domain name without providing the contents of the registered domain. Domain buyers usually hunt for good domain names, but because there are no ideas for their development, they are finally parked on a certain host.


GoDaddy.com which has the slogan “domain, website and everything in between” provides any services related to domain hosting, one of which is monetize domains without any content.


GoDaddy Domain Parking Guide

For those of you who are already a domain customer at GoDaddy and want to install DNS but still have problems, you don’t have to worry.

The following is a GoDaddy domain parking setup guide to Blogspot:Read More »GoDaddy Domain Parking Setup Guide to Blogspot

GoDaddy vs Bluehost Web Hosting Comparison

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godaddy vs bluehost

godaddy vs bluehost

Business trends are constantly changing and there are more and more challenges in developing a business.

In this digital era, advertising your products or services on television or billboards may not be as effective as it used to be.

Then, how do you businessmen answer this challenge?


There are many ways and one of the most crucial is to build a website with your own hosting and domain name.

Some experienced hosting providers are GoDaddy vs Bluehost web hosting, they strive to provide the best hosting plan service.


Why should you use your own web hosting? Let’s first identify what web hosting is and learn how it can benefit your business!


Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Web hosting can indeed be obtained for free or paid. You can directly create a website using the WordPress or Blogger platforms that provide free hosting.

But you will not be able to access many things due to scope limitations.

It would be better if you use paid web hosting, the price is also still affordable starting from $2.95 per month.Read More »GoDaddy vs Bluehost Web Hosting Comparison

GoDaddy Managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP Hosting

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godaddy managed wordpress

godaddy managed wordpress

You probably know GoDaddy and Namecheap as the largest domain registrar companies in the world. Both compete as the best domain name registrar, but how does GoDaddy managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP hosting perform?


GoDaddy and Namecheap do provide a wide range of services from web hosting, website builders, email, digital storage, online security, and more.

So it’s interesting to see if their reputation in the field of web hosting, especially managed WordPress hosting for building websites, will be as good as their reputation as a domain registrar.


In this article you will get a review of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting performance, price, security and support services from GoDaddy and Namecheap in full.


Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress has been recognized as the most widely used CMS platform for website users. Hosting services specifically for WordPress CMS users are now available, including by GoDaddy and Namecheap.

Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy for bloggers or website builders to focus on their WordPress blog content without having to think about technical issues such as loading speed, security and limited resource limits.

Features that are provided specifically to support WordPress performance so that it is more leverage so that this hosting service is referred to as managed WordPress Hosting.Read More »GoDaddy Managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP Hosting

Stellar Web Hosting Included Free Namecheap Website Builder

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namecheap website builder

namecheap website builder

A well-known domain name registrar launched Namecheap website builder which allows users to create websites without requiring any coding skills.

You can create a website with a responsive design that is immediately viewable in a web browser. No need two different versions for desktop or mobile view, this is what is meant by responsive design because the layout will automatically reformat for mobile view.


You can also create an ecommerce website and this is included for free if you have a Stellar web hosting plan from Namecheap.

There are more than 200 templates that you can use, there are EasyPay, PayPal and Skrill options for e-commerce website payment systems, custom domain names available at no extra cost.


You can take advantage of the convenience of using the website builder above with the choice of the Stellar web hosting plan:Read More »Stellar Web Hosting Included Free Namecheap Website Builder

How to Create and Login to Namecheap cPanel

namecheap cpanel

namecheap cpanel

Namecheap has long been recognized as a domain name registrar, but it also offers cheap web hosting that is easily accessible through the Namecheap cPanel.

You can see a review of the Stellar shared hosting plan which is offered at a price of only $1.58, it is really cheap compared to similar web hosting prices.


Create Namecheap cPanel Account

Those of you who have a shared and WordPress hosting plan can directly login to cPanel, while those who have a reseller, VPS, or Dedicated server plan can create a cPanel account.

How to create a cPanel account is quite easy, here are the steps:

  • Select the left menu “Account Functions” then click “Create a New Account“.
  • Fill in the domain information, username, password (at least 6 characters) and email.
  • In the Settings section, choose “CGI Access” to allow CGI scripts to run.
  • In the DNS settings section choose “Enable DKIM in this account” and ”Enable SPF in this account” for email authentication and specify name servers.
  • In the Mail Routing Settings section, select “Local Mail Exchanger” to always receive email locally every time it is sent from the server or outside the server.
  • The last step click “Create” and after successful you will see the message Account Creation Status: OK.

Read More »How to Create and Login to Namecheap cPanel

Namecheap WordPress Hosting EasyWP Review

namecheap wordpress hosting

namecheap wordpress hosting

You may know Namecheap as a domain registrar service provider, but did you also know that they also provide Namecheap WordPress hosting services?

You will be greatly facilitated to manage your WordPress website domain and hosting in one place. Find out more in this Namecheap EasyWP WordPress hosting review.


Namecheap Domain Registration

Namecheap has been recognized as a domain registrar since 2000 and is rapidly expanding to other services.

Namecheap supports almost all domain name extensions, here you can not only register a domain but also transfer domains from other places such as GoDaddy to Namecheap.

Namecheap also offers free WHOIS privacy protection, so you don’t have to worry about leaking your personal information, both contact details and website information.Read More »Namecheap WordPress Hosting EasyWP Review

Bluehost Webmail Login and Account Setup

Bluehost webmail login

Bluehost webmail login

Bluehost provides email account services like email in general such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook by simply setting up an account on the Bluehost webmail login.

In this tutorial you will learn how to login to Bluehost webmail and set up your webmail client.


History of Bluehost

Bluehost web hosting is officially recommended by WordPress.org, meaning if you are a WordPress user then Bluehost is the best choice for your WordPress website.

This is due to relentless innovation and the fact that Bluehost’s servers are indeed optimized for the WordPress CMS platform.

So it’s perfect for novice bloggers, professionals or companies looking for high-quality hosting on a budget.


What is Bluehost Webmail?

Bluehost provides an email service similar to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook which is web-based and you can access anytime and anywhere using an internet connection and a browser.

After setup Bluehost web email account using Horde and Roundcube then you can then read, reply and send your email after enter into Bluehost webmail login.Read More »Bluehost Webmail Login and Account Setup

Step by Step Create a Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Are you a blogger, web designer or developer engaged in creating, designing and managing websites? Especially if you are a WordPress website user and Bluehost hosting, of course, you need to know more about the term staging.

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site is widely used to develop a website on a local server / localhost before it is actually released online / production.


When you want to change the theme of your website, you may encounter unexpected problems such as an inappropriate display or an untidy layout.

If editing is done on a live website, there is a risk that it will make website visitors uncomfortable.

Now with the WordPress staging site, you can update the appearance on the clone website first. So, you don’t have to worry about errors that may occur during the editing process. Configuring a WordPress staging site is also quite easy.


What is a WordPress Staging Site and Why is it Important?

Bluehost WordPress staging site is a feature provided by Bluehost to create a clone website of the main website that is currently live.

On website staging, you can make website changes such as changing themes, testing plugins, adding new features or adding code snippets.

Interestingly, all the changes you make to the staging website will not affect the main website being displayed.Read More »Step by Step Create a Bluehost WordPress Staging Site