Divi Button Custom CSS

divi button custom css
divi button custom css

Creating a website using the WordPress platform and combined with the Divi button custom CSS that can be customized is very easy.

Elegant Theme really manages to build something extraordinary, you can create a website with any design look you like.

You can start from a WordPress base website with a perfunctory default appearance, to a beautiful website with just a little designer touch.

In the end, this theme really helps web designers and provides thousands of different ways to design the dream website for you or your clients.

Here’s a tutorial on how to customize a Divi button by adding some custom CSS code.


Perfect Theme for Web Designers

If you have tried different WordPress themes, there may not be a perfect theme. However, as a web designer, you need to have the following theme criteria:

  • Free or low price.
  • Can be used on many websites.
  • No limited license usage.
  • Not limited by patent layout.
  • Easy settings and customizable page sections.
  • Mobile friendly with short load times.
  • Easy to access from various browsers.


Divi Button Customization Steps

Please first open the layout of your website display:

  • Add a new module and select “Button”.
  • Enter the button title and URL.
  • Edit button settings, switch to the left of the Design menu change from No to Yes.
  • For the background color and writing color, you can choose as you like to make it attractive and easy to see.
  • For Text Size use 18px.
  • For the Bounding button width use 0px.
  • For Radius Constraint button use 0px.
  • For Spacing between letters use 2px.
  • For the Typeface buttons use the font that suits your taste.
  • To show the icon button, use the download icon.
  • For the download link, you can also select the icon according to the button.
  • Change it from Yes to No in the “Only show Icon on Hover for buttons” section.
  • The Hover Background button is slightly different from the button color to make it more attractive.
divi button custom css2
divi button custom css2
  • Next to the Distance section, change the Custom Pending to right 65px and left 25px.
  • After that switch to the next tab or Advanced > fill in the CSS Class with the code “custom_button_1” (without quotes).
  • Click the tick to finish and select the “Save” button to save the changes.
  • Switch to your web dashboard, go to Theme Options (Divi), add Custom CSS as follows:

.custom_button_1:after {

 background-color: #207fe5; /* Change this color to your own */

 padding: 5px 12px;

 top: 0;

 right: 0;

 bottom: 0;

 border-left: 1px solid #207fe5; /* Change this color to your own */




  • The code .custom_button_1 shows the CSS class that is in the module earlier.
  • The icon color code #207fe5 can be used the same as the button’s Background Hover color.


Custom Divi Button

A little touch of Divi Button custom CSS will give your website a different, attractive appearance. Be creative in design and show quality.

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