Do Backlinks Help SEO? 7 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks

do backlinks help seo
do backlinks help seo

In SEO, the role of backlinks is very important in the process of achieving high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In order to do backlinks help SEO, how to make quality backlinks must be considered.


In addition, there are several steps before building backlinks that must also be done in preparation so that the backlinks you create are not wasted.

But before going to the main point of the discussion on how to create backlinks, let’s first discuss the basic understanding you need to know about backlinks.


What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link from a website that points to your web page.

The backlinks that you get are usually called inbound links or incoming links.

You can provide backlinks for other websites, but make sure the composition of nofollow backlinks is more than dofollow backlinks.

To increase website rank, you need to build backlinks from other websites that post links and direct visitors to your website.


Do Backlinks Help SEO?

Backlinks are very important in SEO because they indicate that your article content is sought after and read by website visitors.

The more websites that post links pointing to your website, the search engines will display your article content on the top page of search engine results.

The positive influence for your website is the higher the chance of traffic from visitors coming to your website.


But can the number of backlinks help optimize your website’s SEO?

The answer is that not all backlinks that point to your website can have a significant impact.

Focus on getting quality backlinks if your article content wants to be on page one of Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines.


What Are the Characteristics of Quality Backlinks?

Here are the characteristics of quality backlinks that you should pay attention to:

  • Domain authority

Look for backlinks that come from websites with high Domain Authority, that rank well in search engines and have dofollow backlink status.


  • Relevance

Quality backlinks should have content or niche relevance that is similar to your website.

The meaning of relevant here is when the content of the article to be inserted backlink is relevant to the content of your backlink link.

So that planting backlinks should not be on any website, although it can be done but it will be useless if you place a website backlink on irrelevant content articles.


  • Anchor Text

Your website will rank higher in search engines for backlinks with anchor text that matches your target keywords.

Especially if this anchor text backlink comes from a website with high traffic and has good social media reach.


How to Get Quality Backlinks

Getting high quality backlinks is an SEO technique that must be mastered, here are some ways to get quality backlinks:

  1. Create high quality content

There is no better way to get quality backlinks than to create high quality article content.

This is the main roadblock that will increase the value of your website in the eyes of website visitors.

There are several types of content formats that are proven to tend to perform better for getting lots of backlinks:

  • Listicle.
  • Quiz.
  • Video.
  • Content that teaches something or “Tips” or “How to” content.
  • Content in the form of an explanation of something or “Why” content.


Create quality content in a format that is proven to generate more quality backlinks.

This is something that is closely related between website visitors who are happy and satisfied reading your article content and the position of your website in search engines.

In the end, there will be many other websites that provide links that point to your website.


  1. Use Content Sharing Platform

Most people share their latest articles or content on social media. It must be done. However, apart from sharing content on social media, you also need to share your content on a content sharing platform.

Content sharing platforms such as Quora, Medium, Reddit, and SlideShare can be used to link your website.

You can write a new article that is still related to the topic you are discussing and then place a link to the article you want. That way you get backlinks from the content sharing platform.

Even though the link is nofollow, this method is still feasible to apply to promote website content.


  1. Become a Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you write articles that are not to be published on your own blog, but to be published on other people’s websites.

In the article you put a link to your website. However, you need to choose a website with high traffic so that guest blogging can benefit.


Type in a search engine for the word “guest post”, “write for us” or type your niche along with the word “blog” at the end.

You will find blogs that accept guest blog to get backlinks to your website.


  1. Use the broken links method

Websites that have a good reputation are still likely to experience broken links. Every link on the website should link to another page online.

But sometimes some links will break or lead to pages that no longer exist due to content changes or updates.


When the website displays a 404 error page, you can notify the website owner. Offer to replace broken links with valid links to more relevant content. And the content of the article, of course, has a backlink that points to your website.


  1. Create Infographics
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bluehost cheap hosting

Many people like infographics that rely on visuals and are interesting to look at so that readers enjoy seeing them.

Create an infographic for your website and publish it, you can contact other website owners according to your niche, and ask them to share the content.

If they link to your website, you have found a way to get quality backlinks.


  1. Make free tools

Create a free tool that many people need like a free backlink generator. This is an effective method of getting backlinks.

You can do research by entering keywords in your website niche. Survey keywords and find out which tools are most searched for.

Then create a free tool that is similar but much better.


  1. Create Skyscraper Content

If you have trouble creating quality content, use the skyscraper content method.

Skyscraping is the process of finding content on your website that is already good, then perfecting it and making it even more popular.

This is a great way to generate valuable content ideas that can lead to links to your website.

You can type keywords in search engines and read the article content of your competitors’ websites.

Or you can also start skyscraping using Ahrefs‘ Site Explorer. Enter your target domain and select Site Explorer – Pages – Best by Links.


Quality Outperforms Number of Backlinks

For questions: do backlinks help SEO?

The answer is clear that backlinks help SEO, but you have to focus on getting good and quality backlinks.


Backlinks that are many but not qualified, especially spam backlinks, will not be useful for your website.

Getting quality backlinks may not be easy because it takes time and effort. Even so, the first thing you should pay attention to before getting backlinks is to focus on the quality of the content on your own website.

Make sure the quality of your content is really good. That way, many websites will not hesitate to link your website into their content.

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