Features of Bluehost WP Pro – 7 Pros and 3 Cons

Bluehost WP Pro
Bluehost WP Pro

As a blogger who is used to using a shared hosting plan, you must be wondering what the benefits of using the Bluehost hosting plan are.

You may also immediately think that it’s not for you, and don’t feel the need for the Bluehost WP Pro plan with hosting costs $9.95 per month.

You feel quite comfortable with the web hosting plan that you are currently using.


If you are a blogger then you need to think as a businessman, which is you need to invest to make money work for you and make more money.

You really need to look far ahead so that the scale of your business can grow bigger.

Most bloggers take shared hosting at the cheapest price or even free if necessary so there is no need to pay for any plugins, themes or tools.


They don’t invest and they just think that their website can reach the top page position on Google, but that’s not going to happen in the real world.

Professional bloggers or world internet marketers generate huge income, and every month spends money to pay for premium services or products.

They don’t think how to pay for the premium service, but their mindset is how this service will make them earn more money.

This is certainly a smart thought from professional bloggers.

So what are the pros and cons of Bluehost hosting

Let’s take a deeper look the features of Bluehost WP Pro hosting plan and see if it’s worth it for you to upgrade your shared hosting plan to managed WordPress hosting plan.


7 Pros Features of Bluehost WP Pro Hosting Plan

Bluehost has been in the hosting world for 20 years and only few hosting services are recommended by WordPress.

Bluehost with an excellent track record of business since 2005 has been officially recommended by WordPress.org.

This is inseparable from Bluehost’s innovation and hard work, which was deliberately prepared specifically for hosting that can support a website with the WordPress CMS platform running perfectly.

Following are the pros features of Bluehost WP Pro:

  • Optimized Speed and Performance

The speed of a hosting server is a very important priority before you rent a hosting. Of course, each hosting provider has a different server speed, and the speed of the hosting server also affects website speed.

Website speed is one of the important SEO factors, apart from the benefits of SEO, it is also very important for user experience and allows getting a lower bounce rate which can indirectly also have a positive impact on SEO.


Bluehost provides an SSD-based server (Solid State Drive) which can serve 500,000 monthly visits without any problems.

Up to 80GB web storage capacity with premium themes and you can use different thumbnails when uploading images.

Additional tables are available in your website’s database for plugins which are automatically updated every time you edit the settings.

Bluehost WP Pro2
Bluehost WP Pro2

You also don’t need to think about storage memory because Bluehost WP Pro has prepared a large storage memory for you.

Bluehost WP Pro server speed is stable and there is a cache of your website pages to provide the best performance, this can also be seen with 99.98% Uptime

and 729 ms response time in December 2021 as measured by Pingdom.com.


  • All in One Marketing Dashboard

Bluehost WP Pro comes with a Jetpack premium and a Bluehost SEO Tools that allows you to monitor your website performance from an all-in-one area.

In this Marketing Center you can see website traffic, top posts, social media marketing, where visitors are coming from, e-mail communication, etc.

The statistics will be directly displayed in the Marketing Center without you needing to leave the dashboard.


  • Integrates With Many Apps

BlueHost provides access to a variety of applications so that it is easy for you as a beginner or a professional to operate the website, for example:

  • Domain manager that can manage daily or monthly backups
  • You can install WordPress with one click or you can also install other CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, eCommerce store, and many more.
  • Bluehost doesn’t offer its own CDN, but CloudFlare is pre-integrated so you can easily activate it.
  • You can use programming languages like PHP, Perl or Ruby on Rails are also allowed.


  • Staging Environment

There is no need to try plugins or themes directly on a WordPress website which can cause errors or inconvenience to your website visitors.

The staging environment is a built-in feature of Bluehost WP Pro that allows you to pre-test WordPress plugins and themes online.

After you finish checking and are ready to install a new theme or new plugin you use it on the website, so you can avoid unexpected risks.


  • SSL Certificate and Website High Security

This SSL certificate feature is very helpful if your website needs to ask visitors to register, login or have a payment gateway.

Bluehost WP Pro greatly simplifies your work with SSL certificate management with just one click of a button.

The security of your WordPress website is also guaranteed, with malware detection features, domain privacy protection and daily scheduled backups of WordPress websites.

This is to ensure that you are not bothered by spam so you can concentrate on building organic traffic to your website.

  • Free Migration with 24/7 Live Support

This is a feature that other shared hosting does not always have, Bluehost WP Pro offers free migration of your existing WordPress website, no hassle even if you are a beginner because you will be assisted by 24/7 support.

Bluehost provides many hosting, domain or web server tutorials available to you in the form of articles or videos. Whenever you have trouble, you can send an email, ticket or ask for live chat assistance from Bluehost staff.


  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost provides an unconditional money back guarantee, for the first 30 days of hosting purchase.

You can try it to see the performance of this hosting. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund or refund at any time as long as it doesn’t pass the initial 30 days of purchasing hosting.


According to the official terms of Bluehost, there are some that are not returned. Here are some things that are not guaranteed returns:

  • You can only get a refund on the hosting fee, and not other features such as domains and other additional features (add-ons).
  • The cost according to the price of the domain will be charged if you get a free domain from a hosting package.
  • All refund requests after 30 days will not be granted.

Obviously, these provisions are quite clear and logical considering that almost all web hosting services have more or less the same provisions.



3 Cons Features of Bluehost WP Pro Hosting Plan

After you have seen all the advantages of Bluehost hosting, now we will explain the disadvantages.

  • Hosting Prices Are Expensive

There are 3 plans offered by Bluehost WP Pro:

  • Bluehost Build Plan: $9.95/month (includes 100 free Premium WordPress themes)
  • Bluehost Grow Plan: $14.95/month.
  • Bluehost Scale Plan: $27.95/month.

Of the many advantages of Bluehost hosting, it turns out that the price is a bit more expensive than shared hosting.

It is true that if you subscribe for 36 months you will get a very big discount.

But are you sure you want to rent a hosting package and certain specifications for a very long period of time?

Is Bluehost really suitable for your website needs? Of course this is still a big question mark.

A hosting price does make a benchmark before renting hosting. The price of hosting that is expensive or cheap is very relative, considering that each hosting package has different specifications.   


On the other side, you have to consider the costs involved in taking individual services separately such as shared hosting, theme builder, backup services, WP security, email marketing which can cost you around $500 per year in total.

But you can save even if you take the highest plan Bluehost WP Pro Scale around $336 per year or you save $164. Is this an interesting offer? Only you can decide.


  • Expensive Renewal Fee

When you buy a hosting package, you are given a huge discount. However, if the rental period runs out and you extend it, the price will increase drastically.

Maybe you expect to get a cheap price like the initial purchase of $9.95 by taking a 3-year subscription package but in fact you will be charged a regular price of $19.95.

But almost every hosting provider gives massive discounts for the first purchase.

This is not unusual, it is a marketing strategy by providing a low initial price and charging a high subscription renewal fee afterwards.


  • US Server Available Only

Maybe if you’ve tried other hosting, they offer a server location that you will use. Unfortunately Bluehost is not like a typical hosting provider who can choose the server location.

Bluehost only has the option to host your site on a US server location. If your readers are from other countries, they may encounter a slightly slow website.

However, if your target audience is US, this is not a problem.


Is Bluehost Worth Recommended?
From the various features of Bluehost WP Pro, server speed reliability, uptime, all in one marketing dashboard, staging environment, website security, live support etc. Bluehost includes reliable hosting and deserves to be recommended.

This feature is very attractive despite the more expensive renewal fees, and if you are not satisfied then Bluehost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee without the slightest discount.

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