GoDaddy Domain Parking Setup Guide to Blogspot

godaddy domain parking
godaddy domain parking

GoDaddy is an internet domain hosting and registrar company. GoDaddy as one of the largest domain name providers has 59 million domain names ready to be used for its customers.

In addition to registering or purchasing domains and hosting, GoDaddy also sells e-business related software and services.

Domain parking in a simple explanation is the use of a domain name without providing the contents of the registered domain. Domain buyers usually hunt for good domain names, but because there are no ideas for their development, they are finally parked on a certain host. which has the slogan “domain, website and everything in between” provides any services related to domain hosting, one of which is monetize domains without any content.


GoDaddy Domain Parking Guide

For those of you who are already a domain customer at GoDaddy and want to install DNS but still have problems, you don’t have to worry.

The following is a GoDaddy domain parking setup guide to Blogspot:

  1. Log in to GoDaddy Domain Manager Account.

Click the gear icon, and then click “Domain Details”.

  1. Next select DNS Zone File, then click “Add Record”.
  1. The next step, fill in:

   * Record Type: CNAME

   * Host: www

   * Points to:

   * TTL: 1 hour


  1. The next step is to fill in the Google IP, click “Add Record”, then fill in the IP by clicking the pencil icon.

How to fill it as follows:

No       Record Type   Host     Points to                 TTL

1          A                      @     1 Hour

2          A                      @     1 Hour

3          A                      @     1 Hour

4          A                      @     1 Hour

Note: If there is a Google IP other than the 4 IP you assigned, you need to delete it by clicking the trash icon.

godaddy domain parking2
godaddy domain parking2
  1. After you fill in everything, click “Save Change“.

The next step you go to Blog settings, now you will connect DNS from GoDaddy domain parking to Blogspot.


  1. Log in into Blogger account >> Select Settings >> Select Basic >> then select Publishing >> click + Set up 3rd party URL for your blog.

Note: It’s better if you install the domain to wait for 1 hour, after that you just install it on your blog.


  1. Next, fill in your Domain name, don’t forget to put www. Example:, then click “Save“.


  1. Now go back to GoDaddy select DNS Zone File, then click “Add Record”.

Then enter the error code as below:

* Record type: CNAME (alias)

* Host: 45x5uhnlqikk

* Points to:

* TTL: 1 hour

After filling is complete, don’t forget to save it.


  1. The next stage, back again to the Blog settings, then you click “Edit“.

    Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy
    Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy

Then you put a check mark, to switch your Domain name from to

When finished, click “Save“. Wait for 5 minutes, then you reload the browser then your domain name immediately changes. Well, now the name of your blog has become TLD.


Earn Money from Domain Parking

If you have a domain that is no longer active because you don’t have time to fill it with the latest posts.

But you no longer want to pay for hosting fees which are quite expensive and your domain has quite a lot of traffic.

GoDaddy domain parking can be used to earn money for you.

You just need to register with GoDaddy and change your domain account’s DNS settings.

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