How to Add Website to Bing Search Console Manually and Automatically

Bing search console
Bing search console

This tutorial discusses how to add and verify a website to the Bing search console, more or less the same way as registering on the Google search console.

As we all know, Bing is one of the most popular search engines besides Google search. So by registering and verifying at Bing, the website you manage will be more easily recognized by search engines so that it can increase website visitors.

By submitting a website to many search engines, the opportunity to appear on the main page of search engines is even greater, but it must still be supported by quality content that is truly useful for visitors.


You can use the Bing search console or better known as Bing Webmaster Tools to submit a sitemap, submit the main website page and submit the latest articles easily. This will speed up your website indexed and rank well in search engines.


How to Add and Verify Websites to Bing Search Console

Adding a website to Bing is quite easy, you as a blogger can definitely do it. Your first step is to register with the Bing search engine:

  • First visit the Bing website.
  • Please select “Get Started
  • You can choose to sign in with a Microsoft, Google or Facebook account.
  • If you want to sign up with a Microsoft account, please fill out the registration form.
  • First name: fill in your first name
  • Last name: fill in your last name.
  • Password: please fill in the password you want at least 8 characters.
  • Reenter password: repeat your password.
  • Country/region: fill in the name of your country.
  • Birthdate: fill in the date of birth (month/date/year)
  • Gender: choose your gender.
  • Phone number: fill in your telephone number.
  • Alternate email address: fill in another email that you have as an alternative.
  • Enter the character you see: fill in the captcha code provided.
  • After all the forms are filled in, then click “Create Account
  • Done, you have successfully registered to the Bing search console.

How to Manually Add and Verify Websites to Bing Search Console

After completing the registration process above, you can login and under the words “Add your site manually” fill in the column with your website address.

Click “Add” and you will go to the page for website verification.

There are 3 verification processes that you can choose from:

  • XML File Verification: download the BingSiteAuth.xml file and place it in the root directory of the website.
  • Meta Tag Verification: enter the code provided by Bing into your website’s homepage code.
  • DNS Verification: enter the DNS configuration into the DNS directory on your website’s control panel page.


Wait until the verification process is complete and you have successfully submitted your website. Wait about one to two days until Bing can analyze and provide complete data regarding your website’s SEO.


How to Automatically Add and Verify Websites to Bing Search Console

If you have verified the website on the Google search console, you can directly import it into the Bing search console so you don’t need to re-verify.

When you sign in, in the left column under the words “Import your sites from GSC” click the “Import” button.

You will then be asked to confirm your choice to grant access to to your Gmail account which is used for website verification in the Google search console.

Click “Allow” to continue and you will see a list of websites that are in your Google Search Console account.

Select the website you want to register with Bing, then click “Import“.

Wait a few moments and you have also succeeded in automatically submitting your website to the Bing search console.



With the two methods above, you have successfully added and verified the website in the Bing search console.

There are several useful features such as Search Performance, URL Inspection, submit Sitemap and other features that you can take advantage of so that your website appears on the first page of the Bing search engine.

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