How to Build Web PBN (Private Blog Network) for SEO

how to build web pbn
how to build web pbn

In link building strategy, Private Blog Networks (PBN) is not a new topic. How to build Web PBN is a strategy that many SEO experts still do to win the competition in occupying the best positions in search engines including Google.

Generating backlinks using PBN is still effective, if you know the techniques or how to build a secure and durable Web PBN.


What is a Web PBN?

PBN is widely used by bloggers to increase the rank of their websites. PBN stands for Private Blog Network, PBN is also often used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Off-page).

Web PBN itself has weaknesses and shortcomings, although its use is quite pro and contra from some parties.


The backlink method used in optimizing a website is usually known as PBN or Private Blog Network, there are even PBN backlink services providers for bloggers who want to make their website up quickly.

Basically PBN is a website or blog in general, but its existence is intended to build backlinks and get quality backlinks.

However, the number of links from outside the website that lead to your website will make your rank or popularity on the Google search engine better.

Web PBN is usually a blog that is intentionally collected with the intention of creating backlinks to money sites, business websites or money-making websites.

Simply put, the ranking of your website can be boosted and pushed to occupy the highest page in search engines.


Disadvantages of Web PBN

Although it looks simple and provides benefits, its use also brings its own risks to a website.

Although PBN is a method that can provide benefits to a certain party, there are also disadvantages in using PBN, here are the details:

  • Google Penalty Prone

If Google finds out about the manipulation of the link created, it can make the website get punished by Google. With the punishment given, there are automatically negative effects that include decreased website rankings to lost traffic from organic search.

So it is necessary to periodically check when using the web PBN, because Google also has a fairly strict authority regarding website and blog regulations.


  • Web PBN Development Is Quite Complicated

Web PBN that are built also have problems related to the cost of making them. How to build a Web PBN so that it can generate large revenues also takes a lot of budget.

It’s complicated because the web PBN is built similar to a pyramid backlink technique that involves several different websites. In this web PBN everything is interlinked and leads to one main money site.


Web PBN Advantages

After talking about the disadvantages of PBN, the Web PBN technique actually has a number of advantages that can be taken into consideration when using it.

This advantage is also a consideration so that it is still a favorite for bloggers. Here are the details:

  • Time for Link Building Quite Fast

Building a PBN on a website makes link building time not long, even quite fast.

Supported by quality content, a Web PBN that has good quality backlinks will make your website occupy the main page in search engines.


  • Website Authority on the Owner

Build a web PBN, can make the owner have the authority to direct it to other websites as well as setting the display of the link.

For example, using the anchor text model or other models so that website owners will have full control over the web PBN network, this will automatically have an impact on increasing website rankings and increasing the amount of website traffic.


The review above is a definition of PBN, so it can answer questions about PBN, both the advantages and disadvantages of using it. Although it has a number of advantages, to be able to use it requires an understanding of the risks involved.

check backlinks in Google Analytics2
check backlinks in Google Analytics2

How to Build Web PBN

Keep in mind, the explanation below is how to build web PBN so that it functions properly and can be used for the long term.

Before building a Private Blog Network, make sure the main website has been made as good as possible, in the sense that it doesn’t have to be complicated with HTML code or too many various plugins. Required themes with a good website display, easy to read and fast website page loading times.

Of course there are several underlying reasons, namely to increase visitor traffic, be liked by Google bots, and not be boring.

Then the most important thing is that your website must have good content and always be updated, at least 1 new article a week.


How to build a Web PBN requires careful planning:

  • How many PBN backlinks you need to create?
  • How much PBN you will spend?
  • How you structure your PBN?
  • Plan the links that will be directed to your business website.
  • How many PBN links you need to rank?


There is no definite number to answer the question above. It’s all interrelated, how many links you need to rank for will depend on how competitive the keyword competition is and also how good your On-Page SEO is.

Here’s how to make the Private Blog Network web able to last a long time or can be used forever:

  • Finding and Selecting Keywords with Low Competition

The question may arise why should target a low level of competition. It’s easy like this, when starting an online business, if you place high competition, it will be increasingly difficult to rank first in search engines.

So, finding keywords with a low level of competition or a high number of searches and a low level of competition will be much better.

If you have targeted keywords with a low level of competition, then create a web PBN of 10 to 15 websites.

Then build 30 Web PBN pages that will be able to beat those keywords and occupy the first page in search engines.

It should be understood, if an error occurs in choosing keywords at the beginning it will result in wasting time and money.


  • Choosing a Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting is a very important part of placing a Private Blog Network website because it will cost money.

The cost of web hosting is not small, but it can be minimized by looking for cheap hosting for your web PBN.

So that search engines don’t easily detect the web PBN that was built, if there are 20 domains, 20 different web hostings are needed, even though this process will cost money.

But how to build web PBN like this will make it last a long time and be able to survive in search engines. In addition, with many hosting IP address and different name servers, it is also a safe and good step.

This step is the most important, especially to cover your Web PBN footprints, so that what you do is not fatal and your main website is penalized later.


  • Looking for a Good Article Writer

When the money site has been built, then the domain and hosting to place the Private Blog Network is available, and then it’s time to find a writer.

It takes a good and reliable article writer to fill in the content of a blog or website that has been built. You can also learn to write for PBN content effectively and quickly.

Make articles that are 100% unique and related to the money site, in the sense that if you are after the keyword “cough medicine”, it is better if you don’t write cough medicine articles on the Web PBN either.

Use derived keywords on your web PBN, for example “the benefits of lime” so it’s just a matter of mentioning one of the benefits of lime as a cough medicine which is a backlink to the money site.


  • Web PBN Crucial Matters Must Be Fulfilled

Most people who fill the web PBN with articles that are careless, even just a website that does not pay attention to the requirements of a good website will make the web PBN that was built useless.

Examples include website design, poor grammar, attached images and poor quality article content.


  • Pay Attention to Anchor Text and CMS Platform Selection

After posting the article, it is certain that one of them will be planted with a backlink that will lead to the money site.

Based on SEO optimization, if the use of anchor text is the same as the target keyword, it will have a bad influence on SEO.

The main anchor text that is commonly used is only around 15-20 percent on the web PBN and the rest uses secondary anchor text.

Meanwhile, the CMS platform or Content Management System can be an option in building a website for the Private Blog Network.

Actually, it’s not a problem if you use WordPress, Joomla or Weebly but try to use a different theme for each PBN. It aims to be attractive to visitors, because it is undeniable that the appearance of the website is the first thing that visitors to your website see.



Those are some ways to build web PBN so that the website can rank first in search engines. However, not necessarily the money that comes in can be income to cover the costs of building a web PBN.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to target keywords with a low level of competition.

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