How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Website

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Domain Name

The first thing to do if you want to create a website is to choose the best name for your website. Choosing a name is like choosing the name of the company you are going to build, so the domain name will show the business or services you offer.

Determining a name requires research, because the name will become an identity on the internet so that the name and your business have a strong relationship. You should focus on choosing a name that represents your business.

Then, how to choose the right domain? In this article, you will find out how to choose the best domain name for your website.


What Is The Form of The Domain?

A domain consists of a domain name and a domain extension. Have you ever accessed a website with a specific address or URL? For example “” then “google” is the domain name. While (dot)COM is a domain extension.


What Is a Domain Extension?

The domain extension is the suffix of the domain. There are various kinds of domain extensions to choose from. There are 2 categories for domain extensions. First, there are TLD (international) domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org etc. Second, there is a domain extension which is a domain that is specific to the region, for example .nz,, for country of New Zealand.


What is Domain Level?

Domains also have a domain level. There are 3 level domains, namely Top Level Domain, Second Level Domain and Third Level Domain. This domain level is used to determine the level of the domain. For (dot)com belongs to the gTLD or Generic Top Level Domain category. Then “google” includes Second Level Domain. For Third Level Domain, is the word that is to the left of Second Level Domain. For example “” then “mail” is called a Third Level Domain or commonly called a Subdomain.


How To Choose a Domain For a Website

Now you understand the meaning of the domain and how the domain functions in a website. Before choose web hosting, you have to prepare a website name and domain extension. Here is how to choose the best domain name for your website.

  1. Choose a Unique Domain Name

Determine your goals for creating a website:

  • To create a personal blog website?
  • To create a company website?
  • To create a music website?
  • To create an online shop website?

Then select a unique name and check the availability of the domain name.


  1. Choose a Short Domain Name

A short name will make it easier for your customers to remember it. If a name is too long, the possibility of the customer to make a typo will be greater.


  1. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

The number in your domain name will cause confusion, because there is a similarity between the zero “0” and the letter O. Hyphens will make it difficult for your customers to spell, or they may misunderstand your website name.


  1. Do Research

The choice of a name must match the targeted keywords because it will affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization), traffic and website rankings on Google.


  1. Choose The Right Domain Extension

The .COM domain is the most used domain by websites worldwide, and then there are other common choices:

.co – for companies, commerce and communities

.me – for personal blog

.org – for non-commercial and non-profit organizations

.net – for internet websites


Choosing a website name requires careful consideration as described above, you can follow the guide above to choose the best domain name for your website.

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