How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting
wordpress hosting

If you have visited several hosting provider websites, then you have seen that there are many types of hosting: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting. You’ve also seen prices range from free, costing a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars a month.

In this article you will be explained about types of hosting and how to choose the best WordPress hosting is right for you. Hopefully this article will make you understand and be able to determine which hosting service suits your needs.

There are 4 different types of web hosting:

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting used by most bloggers and websites in general. This hosting is affordable in terms of price and can meet the needs to create a website.


  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that uses cloud computing technology which allows an unlimited number of servers to act as a single system. If hosting services such as packages (shared or dedicated) only depend on one server engine, then cloud hosting services depend on many servers. In terms of security for cloud hosting is also much guaranteed because cloud hosting is guaranteed by many servers at once.


  1. VPS hosting

VPS hosting allows you to ‘rent’ virtual machines. Basically, a virtual machine is part of a physical server. These services are more expensive and provide a lot of bandwidth, hard disk space and performance. In short, these are smaller and weaker dedicated servers of course.


  1. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type and is only used by professional bloggers who run very popular websites. By using a dedicated hosting service, you will have access to your own physical server that can be customized to your needs. You can choose hardware, internet connection, operating system, applications, etc.


The best WordPress hosting provider should be able to provide convenience for its users, monitor resources and install software without difficulty. It would be even better if you could be guided through tutorials or useful information in written or audio-visual form or video. Here are the characteristics of the best WordPress hosting providers:

  1. WordPress Hosting Using SSD

Some storage hardware uses a hard disk (HDD) with limited speed, but now most of them are using SSD (solid-state drive) which has a speed far above the hard disk. In order to load website data quickly, the storage hardware considerations for WordPress hosting are already using SSD.


  1. Free SSL

There are 2 types of protocols, namely HTTP and HTTPS, if in the past the website used only HTTP, now you should use HTTPS so that your website is more secure. In order to be able to HTTPS, WordPress hosting needs an SSL certificate and some are paid and some are free. It is recommended to choose a WordPress hosting service that already provides free SSL.


  1. There is a WordPress Accelerator

Website data load speed is very important which will provide convenience for website visitors, also useful for website SEO optimization. Therefore, to increase website speed, you need the WordPress Accelerator feature from a WordPress hosting provider.


  1. High Security Level
wordpress hosting plan
wordpress hosting plan

The security of a website is very important, so WordPress hosting is needed that provides protection from viruses, malware, SQL injections, etc.


  1. Data Backup

Website data is your asset and to anticipate if unwanted interference occurs, data backup is needed. Check your WordPress hosting provider and see if there is a daily data backup feature.


  1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that is useful for filtering traffic to websites. This is useful for dealing with DDoS attacks so it is a mandatory feature that must be in hosting.


  1. Reputation of the WordPress Hosting Provider

Choose a hosting provider that has years of experience in handling websites and has a good reputation with 24/7 live chat support.




Choose the best WordPress hosting provider that is fast, secure and reliable for your website. Especially if you use a website to do business online, don’t let small problems that should be easily resolved turn into big obstacles because you don’t get enough support and assistance from customer support.

Then look at comments, reviews or customer testimonials, and then you can see how the response to using this hosting is and the response from the hosting service provider. If most of the comments given are positive then you can choose that WordPress hosting provider.

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