How to Create and Login to Namecheap cPanel

namecheap cpanel
namecheap cpanel

Namecheap has long been recognized as a domain name registrar, but it also offers cheap web hosting that is easily accessible through the Namecheap cPanel.

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Create Namecheap cPanel Account

Those of you who have a shared and WordPress hosting plan can directly login to cPanel, while those who have a reseller, VPS, or Dedicated server plan can create a cPanel account.

How to create a cPanel account is quite easy, here are the steps:

  • Select the left menu “Account Functions” then click “Create a New Account“.
  • Fill in the domain information, username, password (at least 6 characters) and email.
  • In the Settings section, choose “CGI Access” to allow CGI scripts to run.
  • In the DNS settings section choose “Enable DKIM in this account” and ”Enable SPF in this account” for email authentication and specify name servers.
  • In the Mail Routing Settings section, select “Local Mail Exchanger” to always receive email locally every time it is sent from the server or outside the server.
  • The last step click “Create” and after successful you will see the message Account Creation Status: OK.


Login to Namecheap cPanel

You can check the email used for the Namecheap hosting registration and view detailed information for login into cPanel:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account.
  • Look at the menu on the left and click “Register Hosting“.
  • On the Hosting Subscriptions page, select the hosting account you want to access and click “Go to cPanel“.
  • Like other cPanel web hosting, here you can manage files, email settings, create a website with 1-click WordPress installation, etc.


Sometimes you have problems login into cPanel, the first thing you need to check is the cPanel credential data that you typed with the credential data you received in the hosting account details email.

If your cPanel credentials are correct but you can’t login, try resetting your password.

Also check if your domain is pointing to the Namecheap hosting server’s NS record correctly.


For the record, if you have just migrated your domain and website to Namecheap or changed the name server for a domain name, it will take 1 day for your website to be active again.

You can try access to cPanel by typing these options in a web browser:

  • namecheap4


  • https://serverhostname:2083
  • http://serverhostname:2082
  • http://cpanel.yourdomain.tld
  • http://yourdomain.tld:2082
  • http://serverIP:2082


If you can’t access cPanel via the link above, then you need to check the internet network, firewall or antivirus software.

There is also in certain cases when you test route hosting and there is a “Server connection timed out error” message, your external IP address is blocked by Namecheap’s firewall.

To fix problems login into Namecheap cPanel, don’t hesitate to send a ticket or live chat directly with the Namecheap team support, which is available 24 hours.

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