How to Generate More Backlinks to Your Website (Natural Link Building)

generate more backlinks to your website
generate more backlinks to your website

After writing quality articles, you must be thinking about how to generate more backlinks to your website from other websites.

A powerful combination of quality articles and backlinks will certainly bring in a lot of visitors, this means your website will be on the first page of the Google search engine.

How to generate quality backlinks is one of the important foundations and the best technique in SEO optimization because logically your website is a reference source from other websites.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic process of website optimization to make websites appear optimally on search engines. In practice, SEO consists of two main components namely On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO optimization puts forward structural elements on the website, while Off-Page SEO involves elements or efforts outside the website. In terms of producing quality backlinks, of course it belongs to the Off-Page SEO category.


Is it easy to generate quality backlinks?

Currently Google (and other search engines) are becoming very strict in backlink selection, not all backlinks can have a positive effect on your website.

Backlinks that are obtained carelessly will not provide positive benefits, even in the long term it can be harmful.


For Off-Page SEO Optimization, bloggers will usually compete to get quality backlinks, and carry out natural link building strategies.

There are many sources of backlinks, so every blogger has the same opportunity to be able to do the best Off-Page optimization. Sources of quality backlinks can come from various sources, which can be from authority sites, forums, social media, social bookmarking, profiles, article directories and other backlink sources.

The question is, of the many sources of backlinks, which one should we prioritize? How do you find those backlinks?

Here we will discuss various natural ways of Off-Page SEO optimization to generate quality and natural backlinks.


So how do you generate more backlinks to your website?

The main point is that backlinks must be natural and of high quality.

The definition of natural is given voluntarily or with the permission of other website owners. Not the result of spam or auto-submit.

Quality means coming from an active website and a good reputation which can be seen from the DA and PA rankings.

This method will be able to increase the ranking of your website so that it can enter the first page of Google.


So is it difficult to do natural link building?

Yes, when compared to backlinks that come from spam or Black Hat SEO.

But if you want to build a serious business for the long term, then the natural link building option is definitely much more attractive.


Powerful Strategy to Generate Quality Backlinks

The way to get natural backlinks is a little more difficult, but you don’t need a lot of backlinks and your website will be 100% safe from the risk of penalties.

Generally it takes about 3 – 8 months to occupy the first page of Google and the strategy below does not instantly generate backlinks, unlike writing blog comments or spamming on forums.

There are preparations that you must do beforehand, but the benefits are enormous when successfully done.


  • Provide quality article content as the main foundation

All SEO practitioners would agree, it is impossible to get quality backlinks without having quality content.

You can provide content by writing yourself or ask experienced freelance writers with a word count of around 800 – 2000 words.

Natural backlinks are recommendations and no one will want to recommend content that is not good.

Not only that, Google has an algorithm to judge whether your content is quality or not.

Assessing the quality of content is easy, for example, one of the characteristics of content that is not quality is that visitors don’t read it for a long time.

This can also be seen from the MonsterInsights plugin if your website uses a WordPress CMS. That’s why content is the main foundation of link building.

So it can be concluded that quality content can enter page one of Google with few backlinks, but it is impossible for quality content even though there are many backlinks.

So the characteristics of quality articles are:

  • The content is much higher quality than other similar content
  • Discussing niche topics that are of interest to loyal readers
  • Completely solve problems faced by many people
  • Presented attractively so that it is easy to read


  • Become a Guest Post for other website owners

This is the most difficult and most powerful way to generate more backlinks to your website.

Why is it difficult?

These backlinks must be naturally given by other website owners to you, this means the content written by you as a Guest Post must be of really high quality.

But it is also very effective in natural link building because you will get contextual backlinks to your articles from other websites that have a higher Domain Authority rank.

Just one backlink and your website ranking will skyrocket.

generate more backlinks to your website2
generate more backlinks to your website2

The best way to approach other website owners is that apart from great content they know who you are.

This is scientifically proven, when the person who needs help is someone we know, we will tend to be more willing to help.

So you have to start building a good relationship by finding some website owners in the same or similar niche as you.

Contact immediately through their website or social networking accounts, provide quality comments every time there is a new article, tweet and share their articles, try to start conversations on social media, post links to their content.

Remember, we will establish a good relationship with website owners who are already more successful.

Building relationships with successful people is the fastest way to success. And the fastest way to connect with other people is to help them first.

So you have to do good first and help them first, then you will experience tremendous benefits in the long term.


For example, telling the website owner that there is a broken link, which means that when the link is clicked it will show an error.

Causes of broken links include expired domain pages, wrong link addresses, deleted articles or other reasons.

So you help the website owner to fix the broken link by providing your website as an alternative.

It would be even better if the article on the broken link has the same niche as your website.

Immediately prepare a replacement article and contact the website owner then notify that there is a broken link on the page and offer your article instead.

Opportunities if we do good and help others will have a high chance of success. Be positive!


  • Provoking curiosity with Ego Bait or Click Bait

Everyone has an ego, especially when it comes to the business or hobby they are engaged in.

Create content that discusses business or hobbies in the hope that website owners will feel proud, then promote your content on their website in the form of links or mentions on social media.

Examples of the application of the Ego Bait:

  • Creating content in the form of a list of website collections: “10 Blogs with The Best Natural Link Building”.
  • Make an interview or write a success story for the website owner you are aiming for.


For Click Bait, you create content that invites the attention of many people or events that are viral so that the potential to generate more backlinks is high.

An example of implementing Click Bait:

  • Articles that have become a hot topic of conversation for many people and are going viral.
  • Interactive content that is useful and keeps people entertained, such as games or quizzes.
  • Quality backlinks from Social Bookmark websites

This website is often used to store, organize and manage a web page that you like.

How to generate quality backlinks to your websites? You simply sign up for a social bookmarking website and start submitting and publishing your web pages.

These social bookmarking sites include:


Although the website above is Nofollow, you can get traffic right away and it is a very effective medium for promoting content.

Share your content and if you get a good response from visitors in the form of comments, likes, or sharing then you will get visitors.

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Ensuring Natural and Quality Backlinks

There are many ways how to generate more backlinks to your website, but to get natural and quality backlinks has its own way.

Natural link building strategies from different backlink sources must be carried out together with creating quality content.

Because it is undeniable, Google’s algorithm prioritizes quality and relevant content to website visitors.

That is, the On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization that you do must be balanced.

Get natural and quality backlink sources to encourage Off-Page SEO and build a user friendly website that has quality content for your On-Page SEO optimization.

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