How to Get a Free Domain and Hosting for WordPress

free domain and hosting for WordPress
free domain and hosting for WordPress

Do you know how to get a free domain and hosting for WordPress?

The WordPress CMS platform is the best for creating websites as you like, you can create ordinary blogs such as on Blogspot, online store websites with shopping carts, web forums, classified ads websites, even for membership websites.


Get Free Domain

The first step you have to do is register a new domain name:

  • Click “
  • Types the domain name you want in the column provided then click “Check Availability”.
  • If the typed domain name is already used by someone else, you are prompted to type another domain name.
  • If the domain name you entered is available, click “Continue to Registration”, a registration form will appear.
  • After filling in the registration form, click “Sign Up
  • Next you are taken to the Sign In / Log In page
  • Click “Domain Settings” in the navigation menu
  • Click “Manage Domain
  • Click the domain name in the table you registered earlier
  • Click “Setup


Select No. 1. Manage DNS, then fill in the form below:

  1. Name server 1 =
  2. Name server 2 =

Click “Setup” and then click “OK”.


Get Free Hosting

After you have successfully set up a new domain, it is time for you to register for free hosting of 1500Mb with 100Gb bandwidth plus autoinstaller at

  • Click “Sign Up” (in the lower right corner), then complete the requested data:
  • The domain name that you have registered with
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your password (consisting of letters and numbers)
  • Retype your password
  • Enter the security code number
  • Click “I Agree to Terms of Service
  • Click “Create My Account
  • Next you are asked to download the ip_confirm.exe file as a means of confirming your computer’s IP address.
  • Click the ip_confirm.exe link on the page, click “Run” (for the Firefox browser, if there is no run menu then click Save then open the file and run it)
  • Copy the code and enter it into the confirmation column on the page.
  • Click “Confirm and Activate
  • Open your email, click the confirmation link contained in the email from Web Hosting (in some cases require email confirmation).


Safe! Your website is ready to be seen by people around the world, try accessing your website address.

Please be patient if your website cannot be accessed, because connecting a domain with hosting takes a maximum of 48 hours.


Create Database

To install the PHP script, you must first create a MySQL database, here are the steps:

  • Login to or go to this link, then go to cPanel.
  • Click “MySql”, and fill in the data.
  • Click “Create Database” and record the data because it is needed during the WordPress installation later.
free domain and hosting for WordPress2
free domain and hosting for WordPress2

Installing WordPress

Install the latest WordpPess script, now please go to, this will set up the tables needed for your website.

Fill in your blog title and email address then click “Install WordPress

Copy your password then click “Login”.

Your website with a free domain and hosting for WordPress is complete!

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