How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia
how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

Quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in quality places as well.

One of them is to create a backlink on Wikipedia, but why should you create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Is it possible and how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If you are really trying, actually trying to embed backlinks on Wikipedia is very appropriate with Domain Authority 93 and Page Authority 81.

If the backlinks you get are directed to your website, you will get quality backlinks.


What is Wikipedia?

Wiki itself means a website or collaborative software that contains documents or hypertext that allows users to edit, add or remove existing content.

The main characteristic is between one document and another document has a relationship.


The word Wikipedia is a combination of two words, namely Wiki and Encyclopedia, so that when interpreted Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that was built to provide information. Based on the wiki concept, everyone can join to participate in providing information.


Although there is freedom to provide and edit content, Wikipedia also has content standards that must be observed so that the information submitted is truly valid and in context.


Why Should Wikipedia Backlinks?

There are several reasons that make Wikipedia a great website for embedding backlinks.

  • Have High Traffic

Wikipedia is a website to find reviews or information on the internet. Like an encyclopedia Wikipedia provides detailed information and also includes the references used.

Due to the large amount of information that can be extracted on Wikipedia, it has become one of the websites that can be relied upon for information reference. Automatically with the number of people who visit the website traffic becomes high.


  • Relevant Articles

Articles on Wikipedia that pass manual checks are articles that are relevant to the topic under discussion. Thus, someone who searches for information on Wikipedia is almost certain to get the results of the discussion in accordance with the desired information.


  • Respected by Google

Wikipedia is a website that is respected by search engines, especially Google. If we look for certain information in a search engine, we can be sure that the SERP will display results from the Wikipedia encyclopedia website.


What to Pay Attention to When Filling Content on Wikipedia

As previously discussed, the Wikipedia website has content standards that must be considered. So that not just any content can enter, these are the criteria that you must pay attention to when creating content:

  • Standard Language

The language used in articles on Wikipedia must be standard. It is not allowed to use slang or conversational language. Thus, the information obtained can be understood by various parties.


  • Relevant

Because the audit conducted by Wikipedia is a manual audit, the content chosen to enter Wikipedia is of course content that is in accordance with the discussion.

If there is content that is not in accordance with the discussion or in SEO language is not a niche then the content will be removed.


  • Valid

The content on Wikipedia must be valid. So there is an external link feature on Wikipedia that allows Wikipedia to retrieve information from outside.

With a concept like this, you can take advantage of the external link feature to install backlinks that point to your website.


  • Editable

Because the content on Wikipedia is editable content, everyone can change, delete, and add to existing content. This makes the content on Wikipedia subject to change at any time.

This becomes the content of the content more and more relevant, in accordance with the context and more valid. But this is what also makes trouble.

Other people can change the content with a more valid and detailed explanation if your content is considered less relevant. Then create content that is really good and can be accounted for.


How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia by Creating Content

The step to create a backlink on Wikipedia is to create an article that matches the discussion of your website.

After the article has been written, look for or make a word or two in the article which will later be made as anchor text.

The anchor text will be directed to your website, and in order to pass, of course you must comply with the instructions and pay attention to the rules of creating content on Wikipedia.


There are several steps so that we can write articles on Wikipedia, the following are instructions to be able to fill content on Wikipedia as a contributor.

This means that you create something new that is not yet in the Wikipedia discussion.

  • The first step is to immediately register on the Wikipedia page. The registration buttons is on the top right, and then fill in your email, username and others according to the instructions.


  • The second step, look in the search field for something we want to create content for. And make sure no one has created similar content on Wikipedia.


  • The third step, write the article and when it is finished then look for the word that will be made anchor text and navigate to your website. Insert the website address using the tools provided.


  • The fourth step, save and publish the article. Wait a few days then look for the article that you have created. If it is not deleted, it means that the article really deserves to be on Wikipedia.



Experiment after trial must be done to get maximum results. By utilizing what is available to the fullest, of course, you will get maximum results. The point is to always try.

That’s a review of how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia which is one of the Off Page SEO strategies.

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