How To Install WordPress With cPanel Step By Step

install wordpress
install wordpress

WordPress was first launched in 2003 thanks to the hard work of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Then WordPress grew rapidly with increasing features, an attractive appearance and strong community support, all of this could not be separated because WordPress is an open source CMS.

Until now, 34% of all websites or blogs on the internet use the WordPress platform, even for the number of CMS (Content Management System) users, WordPress dominates with a percentage of around 60%, and this means that WordPress has very large user coverage.

To install WordPress, you must have a domain name and WordPress hosting first. The installation process is easy and only takes a matter of minutes so your website can be online.

How to Install WordPress With cPanel Using Softaculous

  1. Login with cPanel

The first thing is to login with cPanel by typing your domain name, add a “/” sign and the words “cPanel” so that it becomes “”. Enter the username and password you received from the web hosting provider.


  1. Type in the search “Softaculous”

After logging into the cPanel dashboard, the next way to install WordPress on cPanel is to type Softaculous in the search box. What is Softaculous? Softaculous is an auto installer that makes it easy for users to install web applications, including WordPress.

After typing Softaculous, you will be presented with a variety of downloadable software, such as Joomla, AbanteCart, SMF, and others. Select the WordPress logo to proceed to the next process, then click the “Install” button.

  1. Choose a protocol and a domain name

The next way to install WordPress on cPanel is to select your protocol and domain name. For the protocol, there are options “http://, https://, http://www. or https://www.”.

It is recommended to use “https://www.” if you already have an SSL certificate for the domain to make it more secure and better in website SEO optimization.

After that, write down the domain name that you have set up. For the “In Directory” column, you can leave it blank.

wordpress cpanel
wordpress cpanel
  1. Site Settings Softacolous

In Site Settings, please fill in the ‘Site Name’ and ‘Site Description’ according to your needs.

The site name is usually filled with the title or domain name and the site description is usually filled with a description of the website or filled in according to website keywords.

wordpress blog
wordpress blog
  1. Advanced Settings Softacolous

The last menu on Softacolous Installation is Select Plugin, Advanced Options and Select Theme. Please choose according to your needs, or you can set it back later.

wordpress admin
wordpress admin
  1. Installation Process

If everything is complete, please click ‘Install’ and wait for it to finish.

install wordpress2
install wordpress2


Please remember, usually those who are doing the installation for the first time often forget to leave the “IN DIRECTORY” column blank, so that once the installation process is complete and try to access the “BLANK” website address. This is because WordPress is installed in a sub directory, instead of on the main website.


Well, it turns out that the steps to install WordPress on cPanel hosting are quite easy, right?

Next, after you have successfully installed WordPress, the next step is to access the admin dashboard page by typing the domain address in the browser by adding the following parameter behind the domain address: “/wp-admin”. This will be discussed in the next article: “WordPress Dashboard Tutorial“.

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