How to Recover McAfee Account Locked

mcafee account locked
mcafee account locked

Some potentially unwanted and dangerous programs sometimes you accidentally download from websites.

This program can be a virus or malware that infiltrates your computer system without your knowledge.

If McAfee is not successful in removing the virus, you will receive a notification “McAfee account locked“.


These unwanted installations usually occur through annoying advertisements being clicked or when you download software programs that are not from official websites.

As a result, you are deceived when you download and install this software, which contains malicious malware.


Alerts from McAfee

McAfee gives an alert on your monitor screen “We stopped something dangerous. We caught something trying to hijack one of your apps. Don’t worry we take care of it“.


The first and foremost thing that you should do is back up your data, especially important documents and media files.

Use backup software or you can copy to flash drive, external HDD or upload to secure cloud storage.


Then think about the possibilities that cause McAfee to give the alert, is it clicking a pop up ad, clicking a phishing email link or downloading pirated software?

Go to Start – Control Panel – Programs and Features, then uninstall the malicious program.

Also check and delete the registry in: services.msc. If you are sure it is clean then you can reinstall McAfee.


If the problem still persists, go to the computer’s “restore point” from the date before your computer got the McAfee account locked alert.

The above actions are standard steps you can take. You can run the McAfee GetSusp tool to detect more threats than a regular scan.


The final emergency step is to ask the McAfee team of technicians for help.

Prepare the following McAfee information:

  • Name of the McAfee application (Mobile Security)
  • Phone number
  • Email address linked with your McAfee Account
  • The IMEI/MEID number of your device (Android ID for tablets)
  • Your registered buddy names and email addresses for verification
  • Details of your subscription/date of last activation


Unlocking McAfee Encrypted Computers

If you fail five times to login to a McAfee encrypted computer, the disk encryption will automatically lock the system.


Here is a step by step guide to unlock a McAfee encrypted computer:

  • Log in to the McAfee ePO console (
  • The login protocol is a username and password.
  • Go to System, Data Protection, Encryption Recovery.
  • Select the “Option” key to go to the next screen to start the system unlock process.
  • Click the “Recovery” button.
mcafee account locked2
mcafee account locked2
  • The alpha numeric code will appear with the phonetic pronunciation below it. You can ask them to read out the phonetic code to avoid mistakes.
  • Enter the code into the Challenge Code field on the Encryption Recovery page.
  • Select “Next” and the McAfee system will unlock and you can log in with the correct password.
mcafee account locked3
mcafee account locked3

Avoid Installing Malicious Programs

Download software from official and trusted sources, and use direct links.

Malicious programs, viruses or trojans can infiltrate via third party software, installers, torrents, unofficial pages or other similar sources.


Avoid clicking on pop up ads that will redirect you to untrustworthy or suspicious websites.

If you accidentally click it, immediately check the list of extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins installed on your browser.

Immediately delete dubious or unknown entries so that you avoid the McAfee account locked alert.

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