How to Sell Your Products on GoDaddy Marketplace

godaddy marketplace
godaddy marketplace

You have domains, hosting and excellent products to sell.

Did you know your product can also be sold on Amazon, eBay or other online stores?

If you have a domain or hosting at GoDaddy, it’s time for you to take advantage of the GoDaddy Marketplace to promote your excellent products.


This step-by-step guide will help you set up your store on the GoDaddy Marketplace.

Even if you are a beginner in online selling, there is no need to worry because Marketplace Manager is your window into this online selling.

Just follow each step as described, you have an excellent product and let’s set up your online store.


Login to Account Manager

You can reach more customers with GoDaddy Marketplaces, your products will be promoted in major online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart.

Create an account and if you already have you can directly login:

  • Sign in to your Marketplace Manager account.
  • In the My Products menu, click “Marketplace“.
  • In the Marketplace Account List, click “Account Setup“.


Using the Quick Setup Wizard

Fill in and complete all your business information in the Marketplace Quick Setup Wizard:

  • Business Name: enter your shop name.
  • Email Address: Enter your email address.
  • Customer service phone number: enter the customer service phone number.
  • After reading and agreeing to the Merchant Marketplace Agreement and Privacy Policy, click “Save“.


Add Product in Store

Use the wizard to add products to the store.

You can go the manual way by adding products one by one, or use the import tool to import your products.

Fill in and complete the following fields:

  • Product Name: enter the product name.
  • Product ID: enter the product ID.
  • Adult-oriented: select this option if your product is adult-oriented.
  • Price: enter the price of the product.
  • Taxable: choose to tax on product shipping costs.
  • Product Summary: enter a product summary description of at least 250 characters.
  • Description: enter a detailed product description of at least 3,000 characters.
  • Specifications: click to add or edit product options.
  • Keywords: enter product keywords.
  • Images: add up to 10 product images.
  • US shipping: enter the cost of shipping the product in the 48 US states.
  • AK/HI shipping: enter the cost of shipping the product to Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Shipping Notes: enter any shipping notes.
  • Manufacturer: enter the name of the product manufacturer.
  • Model number: enter the product model number.
  • Inventory: enter the number of products available.
  • Always show as available regardless of inventory: show this product always available in your store.
  • Status: select the product status.
  • Product selection: add or edit product color or size options.
  • Features: choose to display this product in your store.


Manage Products and Orders

You can manage products by click “Products” on the navigation bar.

From the Products page you can:

  • Add or import products: click “Add Product” or “Import Product” to add additional products.
  • Search for your product: enter a word or phrase and click “Search
  • Edit or change product details: click “Edit” icon in the action column to modify the product.
  • Delete product: click “Delete” icon in the action column to delete the product.
Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy2
Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy2

You can process orders and ship goods by:

  • Click “Orders” on the navigation bar.
  • All orders tab: displays all store orders.
  • Pending Orders tab: displays all current orders that have pending deliveries.
  • Orders Sent tab: displays all orders that have been shipped.
  • Completed tab: displays the order with all items shipped and payment completed.


Join the Online Store Giant

Take advantage of successful opportunities to sell online on the GoDaddy Marketplace.

You can join online store giants that have strong marketplace networks such as Amazon (95 million users), eBay (160 million users), Etsy (33 million users), Facebook & Instagram, Google Shopping and Walmart.

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