McAfee Total Protection 2022 Secure Your Account and Identity

McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection 2022 provides not only protection for PC, laptop, or smartphone devices, but also provides security when you browse the internet.

In this era that is completely connected to the internet, protection against cyber attacks is increasingly needed by every user of modern devices. What’s more, when internet usage is much higher due to the Corona virus pandemic, it makes device security and account protection one of the most necessary things.


McAfee Total Protection can be used for all devices based on Windows, Android or iOS users.  You can easily install on the device you are using, and then activate the registration code online. Please save the serial number you got when you downloaded McAfee, because you may need it someday to reinstall McAfee.

The display of McAfee has a minimalist appearance, but has quite complete information in each tab. Overall, McAfee provides the main protection as antivirus software and there are some extra features that make the user experience feel better.

There are 4 features that really support work, especially if you work from home:

  • Anti-Phishing

This is an important feature because currently phishing emails under the guise of information about Covid-19 are increasingly being spread.


  • Social Media Protection

McAfee provides protection when you browse 6 social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

The advantage of this feature is that it can notify links that contain dangerous content so that you can avoid invisible attacks.

  • McAfee Password Manager

With more and more services and applications being used, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the IDs and passwords of all the services and applications that you install.

McAfee offers account and password protection from data theft. So, you can store your account and password safely.


Basic protection against downloaded apps is also available. There are also other device protections such as anti-ransomware and warnings when browsing the internet.

For those of you who often visit sites equipped with video ads everywhere, there is also a Web Boost feature. This feature will dispel pop-up videos that are usually annoying when opening a site.


  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is a much needed protection, why is this important because you will be protected from data theft via the internet.

Not to forget, the firewall applied by McAfee is also quite aggressive. Talking about how strong McAfee is in tackling viruses, now they already have millions of virus databases that are constantly updated when they find new viruses.

If McAfee finds a less dangerous virus, it goes into quarantine. But if the detected virus is a dangerous virus, McAfee will delete it immediately.


For protection on smartphones, McAfee provides the same protection as the computer version, but is simpler. In addition to providing protection from malicious applications, there are several features that stand out in the mobile version.


Indeed, you will lose some features like VPN and others. However, there is one very interesting feature to use, namely the anti-theft feature. With this feature, you can locate your device using GPS.


If it turns out that you can’t find your device again, at least you can lock the device so that the person who took the device can’t unlock your device.

And if you really have no hope, you can also wipe data on your device using this feature.

In addition, you will also get a feature to make what is on your smartphone cannot be seen by other people using the Guest mode. So, you will be able to protect the data that is on your device.


You will also get a floating widget. This widget can show some information from the device, such as battery, RAM usage and storage usage. Not to forget, you can open the widget and can perform several feature shortcuts, such as RAM cleaner, fast scanner, and others.


The listed price for McAfee Total Protection 2022 is $89.99, but if you are located in the United States then you only need to pay $24.99. This means you save $65 (72% Off).


You are safe browsing using Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (macOS and iOS only), Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) and will get a full year of total protection on either a PC or laptop with the operating system Windows 8.1, Windows 8, iOS, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Android.


Secure Your Account and Identity

The basic security protections for Windows, Android, and iOS in McAfee Total Protection 2022 can be used on up to three devices, up to an unlimited number of times.

You can also install Safe Family parental controls on Windows and mobile devices, let’s keep your account and identity safe.

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