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McAfee vs Norton 2022: Antivirus Software Comparison

McAfee vs Norton

McAfee vs Norton

McAfee and Norton are antivirus software that have a good reputation for protecting you from all kinds of online threats.

The comparison of McAfee vs Norton 2022 will discuss the excellent features of these two softwares so that you can choose the best protection for you.


McAfee was founded in 1987 and named after its famous founder John McAfee.

McAfee provides solutions as antivirus software that secures networks, computer systems, and mobile devices around the world.


Symantec Corporation in 1989 introduced Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh (SAM) to remove viruses on Apple, then in 1991 launched Norton Antivirus for PCs which continues to grow rapidly as antivirus software that can be relied upon to this day.


The first difference that is immediately visible is in terms of price, that McAfee is more affordable than Norton. But Norton has richer features that can improve performance and overall security.


McAfee can detect viruses, malware or ransomware very well. You will also be warned when entering phishing websites and protected from attempts to steal personal information.

Norton is very effective in protecting your device from all threats, the Virus Protection Promise feature also proves that Norton is very confident that it can provide 100% protection.



McAfee vs Norton 2022 Comparison Table

Features McAfee Total Protection Norton 360 Deluxe
User 3 Devices 5 Devices
Real-time Threat Protection Quick, Full and Custom Scan Quick, Full and Custom Scan
Dark Web Monitoring Yes Yes   
PC Cloud Backup 2 GB 50 GB
Firewall Yes   Yes  
Password Manager Limited to 15 Passwords Unlimited Passwords
Virus Protection Promise Yes  Yes
Parental Controls Yes Yes 
VPN 500 MB / month Unlimited
PC SafeCam Yes Yes
Device Compatibility Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Customer Service 24/7 phone, live chat 24/7 phone, live chat
Price $ 24.99 $ 34.99
Free Version 30-day Free Trial 7-day Free Trial
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 60 days


McAfee is not just an ordinary antivirus software, McAfee will protect your device from all potential antivirus, malware, spyware and ransomware.

McAfee Total Protection is compatible with all operating systems including Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

McAfee always monitors and warns of the risks of accessing dangerous websites, it can also be used to monitor and limit access to websites that are not suitable for your child.



Norton Deluxe 360 has richer and more diverse features, Norton also regularly improves features and releases new and updated versions.

You can take advantage of the unlimited Password Manager to help manage passwords to enter various websites.

The Virtual Private Network feature is also available with unlimited capacity so you are free to browse or watch live streaming videos safely.



McAfee vs Norton2

McAfee vs Norton2

You certainly won’t leave computers and other devices open without any protection. Protection of computer systems, important files, information and personal data is absolute.

McAfee Total Protection and Norton 360 Deluxe software work equally well to detect and scan for any threats that could affect your device.

As can be seen in the comparison table for McAfee vs Norton 2022 above, there is a green color that shows the advantages of each antivirus software.

McAfee is offered at a more affordable price of $24.99 and a 30-day free trial, while Norton can be used for 5 devices, a large 50GB Cloud Backup PC, unlimited Password Manager and VPN, finally a 60-day money back guarantee.

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