MilesWeb’s Best WordPress Hosting Service

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service
MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service

If you plan to create a website on WordPress Cloud, you should consider a WordPress Cloud Hosting based on Cloud platform. WordPress was created primarily as a blogging tool, and it is now one of the most widely used blogging systems.

WordPress is a powerful content management system. WordPress allows you to construct sophisticated websites. Thousands of websites today on the internet are built in WordPress. Also, the users choose the best WordPress hosting services to host them.

If you have a beautiful WordPress site, but that’s not enough. If you have a beautiful WordPress site, but that’s not enough. You need to select a web hosting service provider to make your website accessible and online to all users. It not only creates your web presence but also builds the credibility of your business.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2
MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2

One of the best ways to host your WordPress site is WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is a hosting platform tailored to meet the needs of WordPress websites.

MilesWeb is a website hosting provider that provides the best managed WordPress hosting service at economical prices. Let us know in brief about their managed WordPress hosting platform.


Managed WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb provides fully managed WordPress hosting, which means that their dedicated WordPress professionals handle all server-side tasks. Managed WordPress hosting is an ideal solution if you are a WordPress user or a technical expert who runs numerous websites. This is loaded with features and optimizations to make your website launch and perform faster. 

Choosing which plan is right for you will depend on the amount of traffic, the number of websites you want to host and the features you need to make your website run optimally.

MilesWeb has three WordPress hosting packages, Tyro, Geeky, Rapid, Turbo.

If you just want to host one website, you can go with the Tyro plan. This plan is perfect for personal websites and novices. For this plan, you will have to pay Rs.60 per month. When you talk about the renewal, the renewal cost is the same as the sign-up cost.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2
MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service2

The next is Geeky plan, excellent for small and medium-sized businesses. Geeky plan costs Rs.99 per month. 20 email accounts, 10GB SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth is what you get from this plan.

You will have to pay Rs.150 per month for Rapid plan. It works well if you have a small and medium business. 50 email accounts, 30GB SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth is what you get from this plan. 

The last is Turbo plan that will cost you Rs.255 per month on a subscription of three years. You can host numerous websites under the Turbo plan. And you also get a free .com domain worth Rs.899 for free. On all these plans, you can save 70% off!


WordPress Hosting Features 

Free Domain 

A domain name gives an address to your website. You don’t have to buy it at an additional cost with MilesWeb. They offer a free .com domain with the Prime and Multi WordPress hosting plan. To get the domain name for free, you need to purchase the plan for one or three years. 


Automatic Updates for WordPress 

There are frequent updates in the WordPress versions, plugins, etc. When you opt for MilesWeb WordPress platform, all these get automatically updated to the newest version. The software which is at the backend of your website does this. Also, their WordPress expert team keeps watching the new updates and releases to the WordPress hosting platform. So you can rest assured that your WordPress website will perform best. 


SSD Drives 

The performance of your website goes to a new level when you host it on enterprise-grade hardware SSD drives. With MilesWeb, all websites are on these SSD drives that deliver 200% better performance than conventional HDD drives.


WordPress Preconfigured 

WordPress comes preconfigured, meaning all the themes and plugins are installed with the WordPress site itself. It decreases efforts to set up and configure WordPress to run at an ideal speed. 


SSL Certificate

Every owner of the website is concerned about online security. An SSL certificate is included with MilesWeb’s websites at no extra fee. Instead of HTTP, your website URL becomes HTTPS. Any piece of data going to and from the website or application will be automatically encrypted. And get transferred over a secure network connection. The built-in SSL certificate keeps your website transactions safe.


Data Centers

The data center location impacts your website speed. Choosing a data center close to your target audience can help to improve the loading speed of websites. MilesWeb maintains its data centers in six locations worldwide, including India, Singapore, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom. From these locations, you can select one according to your preference.


24×7 Customer Assistance 

Whenever you need any assistance with concerns related to web hosting, you can connect with their customer support team. They will resolve your issue at the earliest and make sure you have a great hosting experience. 



If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting provider, MilesWeb is a worthy option. They offer fully managed WordPress hosting at affordable prices. 

Register for MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans and take your WordPress site online today!

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