Safe Way to Choose the Best Web Hosting for PBN


Choosing the best hosting for PBN can be overwhelming. Although it doesn’t have to be expensive, registering multiple domains at once can make you tired all day.


The most important rule in creating a PBN is “never keep all these networks on the same hosting provider”.

The reason is quite simple, because the IP Class and demographics will be the same, especially if you use a shared hosting package.


Even though it seems trivial, this hosting choice decision can determine the sustainability of your PBN network and the safety of your money site in the long term.

Therefore, this time we discuss hosting for PBN which is needed to online the expired domain that you have purchased, then set it so that its footprint is not tracked by search engines.


Web Hosting for PBN

First of all, let’s stay away from the temptation of hosting provider offerings that claim that their hosting is suitable for mass use for Private Blog Network (PBN).

Instead, use VPS hosting. Even though the price is a bit expensive, the results can be seen so real.


Use VPS Hosting

Unlike shared hosting which usually requires us to share IP address with other people, VPS hosting is exclusively you who own it.

But you must first learn how to set up a VPS so that it runs smoothly. If you are reluctant to deal with technical problems, you can try asking for related services.

The fun thing is, VPS offers are getting more and more abundant, so that it affects the rental price itself. Remember the law of economics, the more supply of a good or service, the lower the price.


As a result, today’s VPS rental prices are not as expensive as in the past, so even start-up businesses have the opportunity to develop PBN using a VPS.

The average price of VPS hosting with 2 GB of RAM can be rented at a price of $ 45 per year. If it is considered too excessive, then you can lower the specs so that the price will be much cheaper.


PBN itself is not intended to accommodate many visitors, but only as a content placement, back link service, or used personally to boost your moneysite on the Google search engine.


Shared Web Hosting

This second option is specifically for those of you who are still learning to build a PBN, or don’t want to bother with the settings on the VPS.

You can host your choice of PBN domains in several well-known places such as HostGator, Bluehost, NameCheap, GoDaddy, and so on.


Even though it is much simpler and more practical, in the long run it tends to be a hassle. Especially if you have many Private Blog Networks, then each of them must be accommodated in a different hosting provider.

When combined, the price tends to be much more expensive than using a VPS hosting.


Find Info in the Forum

You can also find interesting information about super cheap and quality hosting on various forums.

Even though the use of VPS is still highly recommended, there is nothing wrong with using cheap hosting as a cost-effective alternative.

Look for these forums that share information related to online business, websites, hosting, PBN, and SEO.

Due to the large number of active members, there are often members who open the PBN setting service at the same time as the web host or even the VPS.

Make sure to read the testimonials before actually making a purchase.


Cloud Hosting

With the advent of cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Service S3 and Google Cloud, you can host your PBN domain with a static web using these two services.

However, if you specifically choose the best web hosting for PBN, it is not recommended to use Google Cloud, but must use Amazon S3.

The price of the Amazon S3 Cloud tends to be very cheap, at $6 per year with a static website setup feature.

If you have difficulty setting up, then you can see a simple tutorial that has been provided by them in the form of a video.

Using Google Cloud is too risky. As you know that Google does clearly prohibit the use of PBNs, so hosting your domain there seems like an outright declaration of war.


Setting the Footprint Correctly

After you have determined one of the hosting types above, it is time to take some simple steps so that the PBN website is not tracked or leaves any digital traces on the internet.

This footprint is the main cause if your website is subject to mass de-indexing, which involves all the PBN networks that are owned, complete with the moneysite you have.

Once your footprint is tracked, then all your networks and moneysites will be found without mercy. So don’t skip this process!


Don’t Block Crawlers

If you enjoy playing around with tiny files called robots.txt, you probably already know how to block certain crawler bots from visiting and scanning your website.

Some SEO experts might suggest using robot.txt block so that crawlers from Majestic, Moz, and Ahref can’t get to your data.

At first glance it seems like reasonable and efficient. But don’t forget the fact that Google often sends real people to manually check your website.


Now try to position yourself like Google’s defense, and then find a website that blocks certain crawler bots. Of course, this will raise suspicion and trigger the examiner to conduct a deeper investigation.


As a result, your PBN website is actually more likely to be suspected and more vulnerable to mass de-indexing if you use the crawler-blocking robot.txt.

Remember, PBN must blend in with the website in general, so it is very dangerous to block crawlers that arouse suspicion from others.

Just let search engines or competitors peek at your backlinks. If your moneysite position is passed, then you can buy another domain to add PBN. The more assets you have, the better.


Don’t Use CloudFlare

Careless PBN users usually think of taking shortcuts. They will use the same IP for all domains and mask it using CloudFlare.

In fact, CloudFlare itself can still be peeked so that your real IP address is leaked.

It’s really easy for Google employees to peek at the real IP of the PBN website, even though it’s covered by CloudFlare.

best web hosting for pbn
best web hosting for pbn

Avoid Using Google Services

Most of you want to see how your website develops from time to time, so you use two of Google’s most popular services, namely Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Although its use is still allowed for moneysites, if it is implemented for PBN it can even turn into suicide.

So if you really want to hide the PBN footprint, then it’s actually enough to differentiate the IP using a different hosting provider.



That’s the discussion of the best web hosting for PBN, the main principle is to avoid overprotection so that your PBN looks natural and blends in with other websites on search engines.

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