Should You Get or Avoid Black Hat Backlinks?

black hat backlinks
black hat backlinks

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO for websites, is a useful technique for increasing the ranking and popularity of a website.

This technique is known to be complicated, requires great effort and of course requires a long time.

Various kinds of techniques are carried out, either white hat or black hat SEO on websites that can produce quality backlinks or black hat backlinks.


Why do some people apply black hat SEO?

The application of SEO techniques that are not in accordance with the rules or regulations in SEO optimization aims to get the website to get the highest ranking.

This is a shortcut but does not use the correct SEO techniques.

What is black hat SEO?

Let’s review in this article, whether you need to do or avoid it to increase the ranking of your website.


What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a shortcut used to rank websites in a way that is not in accordance with existing guidelines.

If reasonable SEO techniques take a lot of time to improve website quality, then this black hat SEO method improves website rankings but doesn’t focus on quality.


The black hat technique uses several tactics or cheating so that search engines such as Google can see the website looks good.

The method used by black hat SEO is to try to deceive the system by embedding lots of keywords, anchor text, black hat backlinks, but can get more search visibility.

So they cheat the system so that their website can be indexed and have a top ranking.


Should You Use or Avoid This Technique?

Black hat SEO techniques need to be avoided, because fraudulent methods also have a big risk that is bad for your website too.

As the algorithm develops, which is continuously tightened by Google, of course, this black hat SEO practice will also decrease its effectiveness.

Google is very concerned about the quality of the website, it has a crawling engine that will check and detect how the quality of the website or content you publish.


With increasingly stringent regulations, this black hat SEO practice will not last long for websites.

Google also provides several penalties for websites caught doing this practice, for example by de-indexing Google where the content you create will not be indexed by Google so it will not appear in search results.


So don’t use this black hat SEO technique to develop your website.

The ranking position results obtained from this technique will also not take long because search engine algorithms check in more detail and detail, so if there is fraud like this it will be immediately detected by search engines.


What is the Black hat SEO Technique?

There are several ways that black hat SEO does to improve website rankings, this technique is different from white hat SEO techniques and of course avoid this method in order to keep optimizing the website in the right way.

Some ways to black hat SEO are as follows:

  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in one piece of content. The problem with keyword stuffing is when the keywords you use don’t match the context of the article, or don’t connect with the sentence, and there are quite a lot of repetitions of words.

Actually, keyword stuffing has a bad impact on the website if it is implemented, for example content that interferes with the User Experience (UX) aspect and of course affects the quality and ranking of Google.


Google is already aware of the keyword stuffing problem, as evidenced by the Panda algorithm that can detect this problem. So if there is a website that implements this can immediately get the consequences.


  • Duplicate Content or Spinning Articles

This content duplication is a form of creating the exact same content on two different pages, so there are two exactly the same content on different websites.

A simple way of doing this is copy paste.

Another way that can be done from this spin is to paraphrase, especially now that there are tools that help make paraphrasing easier, so just copy and paste other people’s content to paraphrase into your own content.

Quality content is still one of the main things from Google, so avoid things like this to avoid problems too.


  • Use of Black Hat Backlinks

Have you ever heard of backlink services? The way backlink services work is to create a website that inserts your website address so that the website looks quality and is used for referrals.


Is this good for websites?

Black hat backlinks like this have been widely used for a long time, but now the technique of buying backlinks is not that easy to do. The use of black hat backlinks is intended so that the website has a high backlink value, but actually Google has overseen the use of these backlinks.

Fake or low-quality backlinks will only harm your website because only quality backlinks will have a good impact on your website on search engines.


  • Spam Backlinks

Backlink spam is inserting excessive backlinks in one content, even the backlinks used can be up to tens and have no relevance to the content.

Backlink spam is a form of black hat SEO to increase the amount of traffic on the website, but excessive and irrelevant use will only make the website problematic.

This is because these irrelevant backlinks are not liked by Google, even websites can get penalized for this backlink spam problem.

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  • Auto Sitemap Bomber

This is the key to the black hat technique that you should know. Sometimes the sitemap of a website is submitted only once, but in the black hat technique the sitemap is submitted not only once but many times every time a new article is published.

This instructs the crawler to prioritize URL links on the sitemap.

In white hat SEO techniques, Google robots visit the website sitemap.

But in the black hat technique, it is the sitemap that is delivered to the Google crawl robot, this is where the difference is.


  • Auto Visitor

Auto visitor technique, as the name suggests, is a technique used to increase website visitors or increase the number of clicks in a post.

Well, usually this technique is built and wrapped using a proxy so that the click is legitimate, but actually this technique is very well known by Google.

For websites that have Adsense ads, it is not recommended to use this technique because the ads will be in danger of being banned.


The Risks of Using Black Hat SEO Techniques

In the past the black hat backlinks technique was very often used to compete for website rankings, now black hat SEO techniques will not be effective if used.

Google is also getting more thorough in dealing with the problem of these frauds, by continuously improving existing algorithms and providing penalties for websites found to be violating.

So the use of black hat SEO techniques today is not as effective as it used to be, and if it continues to be used it has a higher risk for the website to become deindexed and even permanently banned.

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