Step by Step Create a Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site
Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Are you a blogger, web designer or developer engaged in creating, designing and managing websites? Especially if you are a WordPress website user and Bluehost hosting, of course, you need to know more about the term staging.

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site is widely used to develop a website on a local server / localhost before it is actually released online / production.


When you want to change the theme of your website, you may encounter unexpected problems such as an inappropriate display or an untidy layout.

If editing is done on a live website, there is a risk that it will make website visitors uncomfortable.

Now with the WordPress staging site, you can update the appearance on the clone website first. So, you don’t have to worry about errors that may occur during the editing process. Configuring a WordPress staging site is also quite easy.


What is a WordPress Staging Site and Why is it Important?

Bluehost WordPress staging site is a feature provided by Bluehost to create a clone website of the main website that is currently live.

On website staging, you can make website changes such as changing themes, testing plugins, adding new features or adding code snippets.

Interestingly, all the changes you make to the staging website will not affect the main website being displayed.


Why is this important?

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Imagine you change the theme on a live website. Apparently, the new theme does not match the layout of your website content. What will happen is that your website content becomes untidy and uncomfortable to look at.

If many visitors are accessing your website, of course it will create an unfavorable user experience.

Making changes to the website carelessly can also cause other errors such as missing pages so that the website cannot be accessed.

That’s why the WordPress staging site feature is very useful in developing your website.

Staging WordPress will clone the website into a subdomain/subfolder of the main WordPress installation folder, including the entire database.

If the changes on the staging website have been made and it is confirmed that there are no errors, you can apply them to a live website page.


How to Install and Configure Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost makes it easy to do this WordPress staging process with a 1-click staging site for all hosting plans.

  1. Please login to your WordPress website admin and on the left click the “Staging” menu.
  2. Click “Create Staging Site“.
  3. The wizard process will run automatically and when finished click “Go to Staging Site“.
  4. There is a sign at the top that indicates you can work on the staging site, please enter the Bluehost – Staging.
  5. Move the cursor down and in the Deployment Options section there are three options:
    • Deploy Files Only: This option is only for updating files or adding new files to the live production website from the ones you have embedded in the staging website.
    • Deploy Files and Database: This option will update the files and databases that have been created on the staging website to live production in total, in terms of files and databases.
    • Deploy Database Only: This option allows you to update the database only.
  6. Click the option according to your needs then click the “Yes, Let’s Deploy” button.

The Bluehost WordPress staging site will now start and wait a while and you can see the changes being applied to your production website.



You can configure Bluehost WordPress staging site automatically with just one click. Staging WordPress is a solution for you to experiment with website design changes before being pushed to a live website.

However, WordPress staging requires a large enough storage space to copy all files from a live website to a staging website. Therefore, make sure to choose a Bluehost hosting plan that provides large or unlimited disk space.

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