Step By Step Guide to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

wordpress stuck in maintenance mode
wordpress stuck in maintenance mode

Have you ever been in the position of WordPress stuck in maintenance mode? In fact, you are sure that you have updated and completed correctly. Relax, in this article, you will be guided step by step how to fix errors in WordPress stuck in maintenance mode.


What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

Making any changes to the WordPress website, whether changing plugins, editing core files, or updating, the website will usually experience processes that can trigger errors.


That’s what causes the website to be slow, down and even worse it can’t be accessed at all. Of course this can cause a bad user experience for your website visitors. An error website can make visitors disappointed so they choose to leave and no longer visit your website.


This maintenance mode can also affect the bounce rate and SEO even when the website goes down for unknown reasons making it difficult for web crawlers to index your website pages in search engines. It’s a loss right?


Causes of WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode Error

Generally in this mode you will get a message displayed in the interface every time an update is made. However, there are often errors that cause maintenance mode to crash. The following is a review:

  • You accidentally closed the browser tab while the automatic update was running. As a result, a maintenance mode error is displayed in your interface.
  • You are updating a large number of plugins or themes at the same time so it automatically causes errors to occur.
  • There was a compatibility issue that caused the maintenance mode error to occur.


How to Solve the WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode Error

Being in maintenance and error mode is not something that is desired for website users because without realizing this can be annoying from the user’s point of view.

Yes, because users will choose to leave your website, this can reduce the SEO ranking and bounce rate of your website.

Here are some things that can be done to resolve the error:

  • Connecting Websites with FTP

The first step that can be done is to connect your website to FTP first using an FTP client application, such as FileZilla.


  • Deleting Files

The next step is that you can delete the .maintenance file. The trick is that you must first go to the root folder with the help of FTP and delete the .maintenance file by right-clicking – Delete. The root folder itself is the media used where the wp-admin folder and the wp-config.php file are located.


  • Clear WordPress Cache

After deleting the maintenance file, your website should return to normal. However, if the error does not go away then you can clean the cache in WordPress. This is so that the remaining data on the website before the update is completely deleted so that the error will not reappear.

How to Prevent WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode Error

Here are two ways to prevent the WordPress stuck in maintenance mode error:

  • Make sure the Plugin or Theme is Right

Before you update the plugin or theme WordPress, make sure that the latest version is compatible with the version of WordPress that is being used.

You can check by clicking View Details on each plugin or theme. Then a window will appear containing information about the plugin or theme.


  • Avoid Updating All Plugins at Once

If you update all the plugins at once, the more likely it is that there will be unsuitable plugins. The effect is that a WordPress stuck in maintenance mode error will appear. Well, you should update the plugin immediately after a notification of the latest version appears.


Goodbye WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

WordPress stuck in maintenance mode is a common error that can happen to anyone (and more than once). So, you don’t need to panic because the website is fine. You just need to delete one annoying file and everything is back to normal.


Although how to fix it is easy and fast, you should still prevent it with the two preventive steps above. That way, your website’s reputation is maintained and website visitors remain stable.

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