Step by Step How to Sell Domain on GoDaddy

sell domain on godaddy
sell domain on godaddy

The internet is growing very rapidly which is directly proportional to the number of domains on the internet around the world.

With the increasingly phenomenal number of domain name owners, it opens up business opportunities that have long been pioneered by one of the experienced domain name registrar services, such as the business of buy and sell domain on GoDaddy.

Why is that? Like a copyright, a domain name is unique, meaning that there is only 1 owner for 1 domain name with the same extension so it is impossible to claim it by different people or owners.

Therefore a domain is not just a web address of a website but it can have an intrinsic value that is far more valuable than the value shown in dollars.


The easier it is to remember, the value of the domain can skyrocket, especially if it is related to a company brand business. If your domain was originally only purchased for tens of dollars, then the price will double if the person or company is targeting the domain name.

This is what then opens the opportunity for a business buying and selling domains.


Why Sell Domain on GoDaddy?

There are various benefits when your domain is auctioned here, such as low commission fees, payment services via escrow, and others.

Here will be shared about how to register as a member of GoDaddy Auctions and list your domain for auction here.

Here’s how to sell a domain at GoDaddy Auctions is as follows:

  1. First create an account at GoDaddy by entering your email name, username, password and support PIN.

The account will be activated immediately without the need for activation via email, make changes to account data if needed.


  1. To start auctioning a domain, click the “Domain – Auction – Domain Auction” menu and then click the orange “Join Now” button.

A shopping cart page will appear where a registration fee is required to join the GoDaddy auction membership.


  1. Click the “Add Payment” button where the most commonly used payment option is by credit card. Enter your credit card data as usual, then click the “Complete Purchase” button.

The “Receipt” page will appear as proof of the payment you have made. A copy of the receipt will also be sent to your email address.


  1. To see if the domain buying and selling menu at Godaddy Auctions is accessible, log back in to then click the “Insert Domain” menu. A notification box will appear containing your requirement to configure the type of payment for the proceeds from the sale of your domain. Click “OK” to visit the page in question.


  1. On the “Settings” menu, click “Add payment type – Add Payee“. Enter payment data with 3 (three) choices of payment methods, namely eCheck/local bank transfer, wire transfer, and Paypal.


  1. Click “Next” for the next process. Fill in your address and name in the blank column under “Statement”. Click “Next“. Then complete the settings for your GoDaddy payment details.


  1. To start listing your domain for sale, access again to then click the “List Domain” menu and enter the domain name you want to list and the type of auction bid.

GoDaddy Auctions gives you three options for “Listing Type”: “Offer/Counter Offer,” “Offer/Counter Offer With Buy Now,” or “Buy Now Only.”:

  • Offer/Counter Offer: You can offer a domain name at a certain price then the buyer can bid at a lower price, this price offer you can accept or decline.
  • Offer/Counter Offer With Buy Now: buyer and seller can negotiate the price or potential buyers can directly buy the domain name at the listed price.
  • Buy Now Only: the buyer can only buy the domain at the listed price without being able to negotiate.
Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy
Basic Managed WordPress Websites GoDaddy
  1. Next, you must complete the “Add Listing Details” section with the following information:

Asking Price: minimum amount for a domain name ($10):

  • Buy Now Price: Buyers can directly purchase the domain at the listed price.
  • Minimum Offer (Optional): You can set a minimum dollar amount that a buyer can offer for the domain.
  • Category: set the category that appears when a buyer performs a search.
  • Includes a Website (Optional): You can sell your domain along with your website.
  • Contains Ad**t Content (Optional): select this option if your website includes “unsafe for work” (NSFW) content.
  • Description (Optional): You can provide a short description of the domain name.


  1. In the next section “Increase Visibility”, you can choose to improve your domain name list so that it’s easy for buyers to see on the GoDaddy Auctions website:
  • Make My Listing a Homepage Feature: your domain name will be on the GoDaddy Auctions homepage.
  • Make My Listing a Category Page Feature: your domain name will be on the appropriate category page.


  1. In the “Receiving Payments” section, you also have two options:
  • Deposit Payments To: You can receive payments in a bank account that is linked to your GoDaddy account.
  • Add a Payment Type: You can link other payment types to your GoDaddy Auctions account.


  1. Select your domain category in the “Categories” menu and describe or describe your domain in the “Description” column and select the previously created payee name. Check or tick approval of the GoDaddy Auctions TOS and then click the “Finish” button. If the warning sentence still appears, it means that there is a mandatory field (marked with a red asterisk) that you have not filled in.


  1. GoDaddy will then review the eligibility of your domain name to be processed and listed in the list of domains for sale at GoDaddy Auctions. Confirmation of the successful submission of your domain to GoDaddy Auctions will be sent via email. However, before your domain is actually listed, a domain authorization step is required whose link will be provided via email.


  1. After domain authorization is done, now check the domain name you are selling at Your domain name should be listed there and can be seen by potential buyers.



This is a step-by-step explanation of how to sell domain on GoDaddy, and before that, it’s a good idea to do a survey to find out the market price of the domain you are going to sell.

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