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10 Types of Computer Viruses and How to Prevent Them

types of computer viruses

types of computer viruses

Who doesn’t get annoyed if some programs on your computer become errors, slow until the file extension format changes and can’t be used? This has been confirmed as a result of several types of computer viruses.

The more computer viruses are increasing day by day. The reason is, not all computer viruses are complex. You can create it only by using the Notepad application and some coding commands in it.


As the name implies, a virus means to bring and have a bad impact. For the computer itself, the virus will multiply itself to fill the hard disk memory and make the computer RAM becomes smaller.

Not only that, if the virus is allowed to continue in the computer system, it will damage the entire system and device.


Moreover, the presence of viruses can also steal data, delete files and infect other devices on the network.

However, how the virus can appear, what are the types of computer viruses that are dangerous and how to prevent them? Let’s find out.Read More »10 Types of Computer Viruses and How to Prevent Them

McAfee vs Norton 2022: Antivirus Software Comparison

McAfee vs Norton

McAfee vs Norton

McAfee and Norton are antivirus software that have a good reputation for protecting you from all kinds of online threats.

The comparison of McAfee vs Norton 2022 will discuss the excellent features of these two softwares so that you can choose the best protection for you.


McAfee was founded in 1987 and named after its famous founder John McAfee.

McAfee provides solutions as antivirus software that secures networks, computer systems, and mobile devices around the world.


Symantec Corporation in 1989 introduced Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh (SAM) to remove viruses on Apple, then in 1991 launched Norton Antivirus for PCs which continues to grow rapidly as antivirus software that can be relied upon to this day.


The first difference that is immediately visible is in terms of price, that McAfee is more affordable than Norton. But Norton has richer features that can improve performance and overall security.Read More »McAfee vs Norton 2022: Antivirus Software Comparison

Norton 360 Deluxe: Real-time Threat Protection for 5 Devices

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton is a long-time player in the antivirus market and Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 is Norton’s newest antivirus protection.

Norton antivirus software is easy to use, with just a few clicks you can install and update every day so you are safe while surfing, shopping or doing online transactions.


Main Features of Norton 360 Deluxe

The perfect real-time threat protection from Norton is very useful to protect you from possible unexpected attacks from viruses, malware or ransomware.

Easy setup and can be customized for all operating systems both for desktop and mobile, if you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to contact customer service which is available 24/7 via live chat or phone.

The list price of the Norton 360 Deluxe is $89.99 and if you are located in the United States paying only $34.99, this means you save $55 (61% Off) plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

Here are the main features offered by Norton 360 Deluxe:Read More »Norton 360 Deluxe: Real-time Threat Protection for 5 Devices

McAfee Total Protection 2022 Secure Your Account and Identity

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection 2022 provides not only protection for PC, laptop, or smartphone devices, but also provides security when you browse the internet.

In this era that is completely connected to the internet, protection against cyber attacks is increasingly needed by every user of modern devices. What’s more, when internet usage is much higher due to the Corona virus pandemic, it makes device security and account protection one of the most necessary things.


McAfee Total Protection can be used for all devices based on Windows, Android or iOS users.  You can easily install on the device you are using, and then activate the registration code online. Please save the serial number you got when you downloaded McAfee, because you may need it someday to reinstall McAfee.

Read More »McAfee Total Protection 2022 Secure Your Account and Identity