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GoDaddy Managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP Hosting

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godaddy managed wordpress

godaddy managed wordpress

You probably know GoDaddy and Namecheap as the largest domain registrar companies in the world. Both compete as the best domain name registrar, but how does GoDaddy managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP hosting perform?


GoDaddy and Namecheap do provide a wide range of services from web hosting, website builders, email, digital storage, online security, and more.

So it’s interesting to see if their reputation in the field of web hosting, especially managed WordPress hosting for building websites, will be as good as their reputation as a domain registrar.


In this article you will get a review of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting performance, price, security and support services from GoDaddy and Namecheap in full.


Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress has been recognized as the most widely used CMS platform for website users. Hosting services specifically for WordPress CMS users are now available, including by GoDaddy and Namecheap.

Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy for bloggers or website builders to focus on their WordPress blog content without having to think about technical issues such as loading speed, security and limited resource limits.

Features that are provided specifically to support WordPress performance so that it is more leverage so that this hosting service is referred to as managed WordPress Hosting.Read More »GoDaddy Managed WordPress vs Namecheap EasyWP Hosting

Why and How to Disavowing Backlinks

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disavowing backlinks

disavowing backlinks

Backlinks are arguably the most important Google ranking factor. There are many high quality backlinks that have high authority from well-known websites.

So what if your website gets spam backlinks that contain negative things.

You can reject links or disavowing backlinks that are intentionally installed by irresponsible parties or competitors who use black hat SEO techniques.

You need to know, with so many negative backlinks, your website can be penalized by Google.

As a result, your website is eliminated from certain keywords or even completely disappears from Google.


If your website is exposed to negative backlinks, immediately collect all negative backlinks and submit disavow backlinks to Google.

After you upload all the links, the process will take approximately 2 weeks to 1 month to be able to see the results if all the negative backlinks have been deleted from Google search.


So, how do you disavow negative backlinks to your website? Let’s find out more about what disavowing backlinks are.Read More »Why and How to Disavowing Backlinks

How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

Quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in quality places as well.

One of them is to create a backlink on Wikipedia, but why should you create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Is it possible and how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If you are really trying, actually trying to embed backlinks on Wikipedia is very appropriate with Domain Authority 93 and Page Authority 81.

If the backlinks you get are directed to your website, you will get quality backlinks.Read More »How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

10 Guidelines for Choosing a Minimalist WordPress Theme

Minimalist WordPress Theme

Minimalist WordPress Theme

A WordPress blog theme is a set of templates and style sheets that are used to customize the appearance of a WordPress website in such a way as to make it the way you want it. 

WordPress blog themes are not difficult to find, there are many sources that you can access to find a suitable minimalist WordPress theme.

The official source of WordPress themes is certainly the main source for searching or just to browse WordPress themes.


There are free and premium WordPress themes with differences which will be discussed in detail below. Changing themes too often will make your website’s SEO rating decrease, especially if you choose a theme with a bad coding structure.

In choosing a minimalist WordPress theme, you need to consider several important things and here is how to choose a WordPress blog theme:

  1. Appearance

The appearance of a website is the basis of the website’s image, everyone when they want to choose a WordPress theme will always pay attention to this.

What kind of appearance is suitable for your website? This question can be answered from the content/type of the website. If your website covers a variety of topics, you should consider using a theme magazine or an online magazine.


A magazine type WordPress blog theme will make your website well-structured in terms of appearance. You can separate the display of various posts according to their respective categories.

This will make it easier for visitors to access the website blog, help them find information that is of interest to them, and of course make your website tidier even though the topics you cover are many and varied.

Also consider the element of “simplicity” in terms of appearance. In this case we can imitate Google. Even though it has become a giant search engine that we almost always use, Google still continues to carry the principle of simplicity in terms of appearance.Read More »10 Guidelines for Choosing a Minimalist WordPress Theme

Namecheap WordPress Hosting EasyWP Review

namecheap wordpress hosting

namecheap wordpress hosting

You may know Namecheap as a domain registrar service provider, but did you also know that they also provide Namecheap WordPress hosting services?

You will be greatly facilitated to manage your WordPress website domain and hosting in one place. Find out more in this Namecheap EasyWP WordPress hosting review.


Namecheap Domain Registration

Namecheap has been recognized as a domain registrar since 2000 and is rapidly expanding to other services.

Namecheap supports almost all domain name extensions, here you can not only register a domain but also transfer domains from other places such as GoDaddy to Namecheap.

Namecheap also offers free WHOIS privacy protection, so you don’t have to worry about leaking your personal information, both contact details and website information.Read More »Namecheap WordPress Hosting EasyWP Review

5 Best CMS Platforms to Create Websites

CMS platforms

CMS platforms

Domain names, web hosting and CMS platforms are 3 important things that you must consider before creating a website.

Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) platform that is equipped with advanced tools and features will make it very easy for you to start a website.


The best CMS platforms will be easy to use even by people who have no knowledge of computer programming languages.

You can use these platforms to create personal blogs, company websites, online stores, and even discussion forum websites.


A good CMS platform also has highly structured file management; each element is organized to make it easier for users to use the platform.

Each element between the content and design view is separate so that users can easily edit or add features that may not be available in the CMS.


Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the current CMS platform, many third parties are also developing their favorite content management system.

There are many benefits and advantages that you can get by using a content management system (CMS):

  • Efficiency

You can create a website using a CMS easily and quickly. This platform offers many conveniences ranging from the installation process, website creation to website maintenance.

  • Scalability

CMS platforms offer additional features that can be easily added to your website. The extension will add functions and settings to suit your needs.

  • Lots of Templates and Designs

The CMS platform also makes it easy for users to change their website templates and designs. You can upload templates that you created or download templates from third parties.

  • Can Be Used for Collaboration

If you want to build a website that is managed by many people, a CMS is the right solution. CMS gives you the freedom to add users with different access rights.Read More »5 Best CMS Platforms to Create Websites

Step by Step Create a Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Are you a blogger, web designer or developer engaged in creating, designing and managing websites? Especially if you are a WordPress website user and Bluehost hosting, of course, you need to know more about the term staging.

Bluehost WordPress Staging Site is widely used to develop a website on a local server / localhost before it is actually released online / production.


When you want to change the theme of your website, you may encounter unexpected problems such as an inappropriate display or an untidy layout.

If editing is done on a live website, there is a risk that it will make website visitors uncomfortable.

Now with the WordPress staging site, you can update the appearance on the clone website first. So, you don’t have to worry about errors that may occur during the editing process. Configuring a WordPress staging site is also quite easy.


What is a WordPress Staging Site and Why is it Important?

Bluehost WordPress staging site is a feature provided by Bluehost to create a clone website of the main website that is currently live.

On website staging, you can make website changes such as changing themes, testing plugins, adding new features or adding code snippets.

Interestingly, all the changes you make to the staging website will not affect the main website being displayed.Read More »Step by Step Create a Bluehost WordPress Staging Site

Features of Bluehost WP Pro – 7 Pros and 3 Cons

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Bluehost WP Pro

Bluehost WP Pro

As a blogger who is used to using a shared hosting plan, you must be wondering what the benefits of using the Bluehost hosting plan are.

You may also immediately think that it’s not for you, and don’t feel the need for the Bluehost WP Pro plan with hosting costs $9.95 per month.

You feel quite comfortable with the web hosting plan that you are currently using.


If you are a blogger then you need to think as a businessman, which is you need to invest to make money work for you and make more money.

You really need to look far ahead so that the scale of your business can grow bigger.

Most bloggers take shared hosting at the cheapest price or even free if necessary so there is no need to pay for any plugins, themes or tools.


They don’t invest and they just think that their website can reach the top page position on Google, but that’s not going to happen in the real world.

Professional bloggers or world internet marketers generate huge income, and every month spends money to pay for premium services or products.

They don’t think how to pay for the premium service, but their mindset is how this service will make them earn more money.

This is certainly a smart thought from professional bloggers.

So what are the pros and cons of Bluehost hostingRead More »Features of Bluehost WP Pro – 7 Pros and 3 Cons