Namecheap Domain Registration with Discount Price


Domain prices on Namecheap are among the cheapest among domain name registrars.

However, you can get a domain at a discount, which means it’s even cheaper.

There is always a list of valid coupons for almost all Namecheap domain registration.

In addition, domain renewal prices on NameCheap are cheaper than GoDaddy.

Furthermore, FREE domain transfers between accounts at Namecheap, sometimes there are fees at other domain registrar’s.

So it’s reasonable with a cheaper price and better facilities, some users transfer the domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap.


Before registering a domain, you need to prepare a few things:

  • Domain name and alternatives.
  • Budget funds to buy a domain name.
  • Email for registration and login.

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Step by Step How to Sell Domain on GoDaddy

sell domain on godaddy
sell domain on godaddy

The internet is growing very rapidly which is directly proportional to the number of domains on the internet around the world.

With the increasingly phenomenal number of domain name owners, it opens up business opportunities that have long been pioneered by one of the experienced domain name registrar services, such as the business of buy and sell domain on GoDaddy.

Why is that? Like a copyright, a domain name is unique, meaning that there is only 1 owner for 1 domain name with the same extension so it is impossible to claim it by different people or owners.

Therefore a domain is not just a web address of a website but it can have an intrinsic value that is far more valuable than the value shown in dollars.


The easier it is to remember, the value of the domain can skyrocket, especially if it is related to a company brand business. If your domain was originally only purchased for tens of dollars, then the price will double if the person or company is targeting the domain name.

This is what then opens the opportunity for a business buying and selling domains.

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5 Best CMS Platforms to Create Websites

CMS platforms
CMS platforms

Domain names, web hosting and CMS platforms are 3 important things that you must consider before creating a website.

Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) platform that is equipped with advanced tools and features will make it very easy for you to start a website.


The best CMS platforms will be easy to use even by people who have no knowledge of computer programming languages.

You can use these platforms to create personal blogs, company websites, online stores, and even discussion forum websites.


A good CMS platform also has highly structured file management; each element is organized to make it easier for users to use the platform.

Each element between the content and design view is separate so that users can easily edit or add features that may not be available in the CMS.


Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the current CMS platform, many third parties are also developing their favorite content management system.

There are many benefits and advantages that you can get by using a content management system (CMS):

  • Efficiency

You can create a website using a CMS easily and quickly. This platform offers many conveniences ranging from the installation process, website creation to website maintenance.

  • Scalability

CMS platforms offer additional features that can be easily added to your website. The extension will add functions and settings to suit your needs.

  • Lots of Templates and Designs

The CMS platform also makes it easy for users to change their website templates and designs. You can upload templates that you created or download templates from third parties.

  • Can Be Used for Collaboration

If you want to build a website that is managed by many people, a CMS is the right solution. CMS gives you the freedom to add users with different access rights.

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GoDaddy Domain Valuation and 5 Other Domain Appraisal Tools

GoDaddy domain valuation
GoDaddy domain valuation

Do you have multiple domain names? You can find out whether a domain name is of high value or not using Godaddy domain valuation.

Domains in real life can be likened to a plot of land and property built on that land can be likened to hosting. Even if you don’t build any house, the vacant land still has a selling value, especially if it is strategically located.


The domain is also the same, even though it’s only a domain without hosting or a blog, it still has a high selling value.

Prices for domains like, or other well-known domains have fantastic prices that you may never have imagined.

That’s just the price of the domain name, not including the website and it’s really tempting so it’s no wonder that some people try to register a cool domain name at a normal price and then auction it off at several domain name auction sites.


There are at least 2 types of valuable domains:

  • Aged domain owned by a website that was once famous and had a lot of strong backlinks.

  • A beautiful domain containing the name of a well-known business or brand.


Let’s say someone manages many web businesses and you want to close one of them, maybe the website is no longer valuable but on the contrary a once popular domain has a high selling value.

How do you find out the price of a domain? You need an appraisal service to assess how high the potential price of your domain is.

The following is a list of services to find out domain prices accurately and precisely.

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How to Get a Free Domain and Hosting for WordPress

free domain and hosting for WordPress
free domain and hosting for WordPress

Do you know how to get a free domain and hosting for WordPress?

The WordPress CMS platform is the best for creating websites as you like, you can create ordinary blogs such as on Blogspot, online store websites with shopping carts, web forums, classified ads websites, even for membership websites.


Get Free Domain

The first step you have to do is register a new domain name:

  • Click “
  • Types the domain name you want in the column provided then click “Check Availability”.
  • If the typed domain name is already used by someone else, you are prompted to type another domain name.
  • If the domain name you entered is available, click “Continue to Registration”, a registration form will appear.
  • After filling in the registration form, click “Sign Up
  • Next you are taken to the Sign In / Log In page
  • Click “Domain Settings” in the navigation menu
  • Click “Manage Domain
  • Click the domain name in the table you registered earlier
  • Click “Setup

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Namecheap Domain Transfer: Comparison and How to Transfer Domain from Godaddy to Namecheap

Namecheap domain transfer
Namecheap domain transfer

NameCheap is one of the world’s leading domain providers and also a favorite choice in domain transfer activity among bloggers. In addition to its easy-to-understand features, NameCheap also provides a monthly coupon code so you can get a $1 per domain discount.

There are several reasons why users want to move domains/push domains from Godaddy to Namecheap. Before discussing how to transfer domain from Godaddy to Namecheap, here are some reasons behind Namecheap domain transfers:

Domain Renewal Fee

The logical reason why domain transfers from Godaddy to Namecheap is that renewal prices at GoDaddy are more expensive than at Namecheap.

The price for a .com domain renewal at GoDaddy is $17.99, while a .com domain renewal price at Namecheap is $12.98. The difference in price is 5 dollars or about 27% more expensive.


Status Namecheap as a Domain Reseller

As the name implies Namecheap is believed to be the cheapest domain provider website without waiting for certain events. You can easily find the Namecheap coupon code on the official website to get a discount when purchasing a product for the first time.


Namecheap Free Domain WHOIS Protection

The advantage of Namecheap over Godaddy is that there is WHOIS domain protection provided for free.

The price for using the WHOIS Protection facility at GoDaddy is $9.99 per year. While WHOIS on Namecheap is free forever, as long as the domain is still on Namecheap.

WHOIS is the domain owner’s data; this sensitive information is open to the public.

Data such as the name of the domain owner, home address, phone number, and email contact will be visible to everyone if they are not protected. If using the WHOIS Protection service, the data will be covered.

If you feel uncomfortable with the disclosure of personal data on the internet, especially since this data can be misused or even worse, it is traded and then you should use the WHOIS Protection service.

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Are Keywords In a Domain Name Important For SEO?

domain name
domain name

To answer this question, you can practice by opening the Google search engine. See the relevant keywords that you want to target, also pay attention to website competitors. For example, if we type keywords related to “SEO” on Google, the search results from the first page of Google turn out to be keywords related to SEO, in fact on the website’s domain name no one uses the keyword name “SEO”. All of them use their own brand names that have nothing to do with the keyword “SEO”.

So for the question: can the current algorithm be top rank if there is no keyword element in the domain name? The answer is: Yes.

The current algorithm does not have much effect because the website factor to appear on the first page of Google consists of many factors, but a domain name that includes keywords will help in increasing search rankings. If you have bought a domain name and created a website, what do you need to do? The next important step is to register a website with Webmaster Tools so that your website can be indexed by Google.


Understanding Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a feature designed by Google to make it easier to use a website in the search engine area. That way, you will more easily monitor your website activity in search engines.


Benefits of Google Search Console

The benefit of the Webmaster Tool is that it can be used to view websites that are registered on the Google Index, Crawl, Search Traffic, and other search engines. Here are the benefits provided by Google Search Console:

  1. Website Performance Information

Every web page that has been updated is not necessarily indexed by the Google search engine. When internet users do a search, maybe your page or website post still can’t be found.

With the Google index feature, your website can be indexed via the entered URL. This feature can also view content keywords, blocked resources and remove URLs. Here the webmasters can make optimal link settings.


  1. View Search Traffic Data

Search Traffic is data related to the performance of website visits and activities in real time. The higher the web traffic, the more profitable it should be for website optimization. So that through this web traffic data, webmasters can improvise on website pages based on high and low traffic.

Search traffic can be seen based on page data, query, device, country, date and search appearance. Grouping by page is through page links that point to the website. While the query is search data based on keywords.

Device means visitor data that uses certain devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops that are used to visit your website. Country is website visitor data based on country and date is website visitor data based on a certain date.

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Best Web Hosting Providers (Comparison)


Choosing domain name and the best web hosting provider is the first step when you plan to build a website. With a large selection of high-quality web hosting providers, there cannot be a perfect service for all your personal or business needs.

What you need will differ from what other individuals or businesses need, and choosing the best web hosting provider depends entirely on your personal or business needs such as the type of hosting, the price of the hosting package, the amount of disk space, ease of installation, guarantee and customer support.

Best Web Hosting Providers Comparison

Provider Price Uptime Top Features
bluehost2 $2.95/month 99.98% Free Domain & SSL Certificate, 50GB SSD Storage, WordPress Integration, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
cloudways2 $10/month 99.99% Free Migration & SSL Certificate, Unlimited Application Instalation, Auto Healing, 3 Day Free Trial
hostgator2 $2.75/month 99.97% Free Domain & SSL Certificate, Free Migration, One Click WordPress Installation, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
interserver2 $2.50/month 99.99% Free Migration & SSL Certificate,  Price Lock Guarantee, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
a2hosting $2.99/month 99.99% Free Migration, 100GB SSD Storage, Free Attractive Themes,  Free Automated Backups, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
kinsta2 $30/month 99.99% Free Migration & SSL Certificate, Managed WordPress Hosting, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
godaddy2 €2.99/month 99.96% Unlimited Bandwidth, 30GB SSD Storage, One Click WordPress Installation, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
namecheap4 $1.44/month 99.95% Free Migration & SSL Certificate, 20GB SSD Storage, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


This uptime data is taken from for the period August – September 2021 with an average uptime result of above 99.90%, and all of these best web hosting providers have 24/7 Customer Support services so you don’t have to worry when there are problems operating your website.

The following is a review of a web hosting provider, starting from:

  1. Bluehost

Founded in 2003, BlueHost is based in Utah (USA) and has more than 2 million customers worldwide. Bluehost is a web hosting provider recommended by WordPress, provides a free domain for 1 year and is suitable for those of you who are learning to start creating a personal or business website.

Basic Web Hosting Plans:

  • Price: $2.95/month
  • Term: 36 month
  • 1 Website – unlimited for $5.45
  • 50 GB SSD Storage – unlimited for $5.45
  • Custom Themes
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Website Builder Available
  • WordPress Integration
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Free Domain – 1 year
  • Free CDN Included
  • Free SSL Certificate


  1. Cloudways

Cloudways is a web hosting provider that is a pioneer in the use of the cloud. Founded in 2011, based in Malta and is widely used by business websites that have high traffic.

Standard Web Hosting Plans:

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