List of High DA PA Backlinks Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

high da pa backlinks
high da pa backlinks

Creating a blog is not difficult, you can start from the free one first. For example, using the,, Medium, Tumblr platforms or writing on tech blogs that accept guest posts.

The essence of blogging is writing, so as long as you can put your thoughts into writing on a regular basis – no matter the platform, you can already be called a blogger.


But if you intend to make blogging a profession, you need more than just writing, because you have to earn money from it.

You must be able to make your blog an asset and writing as a product that is sold to visitors, build high DA PA backlinks, then monetize that visitor traffic into income.


The process to get to “make money blogging” is long and tortuous. Before you get there, you need to know what it takes, how it works, how to get started, and what to do after your first blog is created.

For this reason, this article will help you get an idea of what steps to take next after the first stage, which is creating a blog, you have passed.

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How to Build Web PBN (Private Blog Network) for SEO

how to build web pbn
how to build web pbn

In link building strategy, Private Blog Networks (PBN) is not a new topic. How to build Web PBN is a strategy that many SEO experts still do to win the competition in occupying the best positions in search engines including Google.

Generating backlinks using PBN is still effective, if you know the techniques or how to build a secure and durable Web PBN.


What is a Web PBN?

PBN is widely used by bloggers to increase the rank of their websites. PBN stands for Private Blog Network, PBN is also often used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Off-page).

Web PBN itself has weaknesses and shortcomings, although its use is quite pro and contra from some parties.

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How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia
how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

Quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in quality places as well.

One of them is to create a backlink on Wikipedia, but why should you create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Is it possible and how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If you are really trying, actually trying to embed backlinks on Wikipedia is very appropriate with Domain Authority 93 and Page Authority 81.

If the backlinks you get are directed to your website, you will get quality backlinks.

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5 Free Backlink Checker: An Easy Way to Check Competitor Website Backlinks

backlink checker
backlink checker

Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed in the internet world. Before you create a website, it is necessary to find out how strong your website competitors are, which can be analyzed using a free backlink checker.

Choosing a domain name and website niche will be easier with a competitor backlink checker that can analyze how strong a website has built backlinks.

However, in addition to the backlinks used by competitors, it also needs to be underlined is the quality of website content that will affect the SERP ranking.


The important things in knowing the strength of website backlinks are:

Number of Backlinks

In general, the number of backlinks will describe the strength of competitors, but it is necessary to look at the location of the distribution of these backlinks.


Quality of Backlinks

Backlinks on large websites will certainly have better quality than backlinks on small or medium websites.


To check competitor backlinks is important as an initial step for choosing a domain name, keyword and as a comparison between your backlink and competitor’s backlink. The following are easy-to-use tools without registration to check backlinks:

  1. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

You can use the free version of Ahrefs website backlink checker tools by typing the website URL. As seen in the image at the beginning of the post, the backlink checker data for is as follows:

Domain Rating

Shows the strength of a referring website’s backlink profile compared to the others.


Shows the number of backlinks, the quality of website backlinks can be seen from the number of dofollow backlinks.

Referring Domains

As the example above explains the number of website domains that make the “Bluehost” website as a reference.


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Niche Keyword Research Domain Name For Website

niche keyword research2
niche keyword research2

The way a website appears on the first page of Google needs a special strategy that must be supported by choosing the right domain name to suit the purpose of making the website.

Niche keyword research domain name for websites is important to do so you need to understand the type of keywords that will be used for the website.

The following are tools that can be used in niche keyword research for domain names for websites.

Google Keyword Planner

Please use a powerful free tool: Google Keyword Planner, select “Tools & Settings” then click “Keyword Planner“.

google keyword planner
google keyword planner

Select “Discover New Keywords” then type the keyword “wordpress“, after that specify the language used and the target market location.

google keyword planner2
google keyword planner2

Click “Get Results” and it will take you to the next page, then please sort by “Avg. Monthly Searches” to sort by most searches.

You can download this search result by clicking the arrow in the upper right, this download format can be selected in the form of CSV or Google Sheets.

Please pay attention to the “Avg. Monthly Searches” column, this is related to how often a keyword is searched through Google within a month.


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How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Website

domain name
Domain Name

The first thing to do if you want to create a website is to choose the best name for your website. Choosing a name is like choosing the name of the company you are going to build, so the domain name will show the business or services you offer.

Determining a name requires research, because the name will become an identity on the internet so that the name and your business have a strong relationship. You should focus on choosing a name that represents your business.

Then, how to choose the right domain? In this article, you will find out how to choose the best domain name for your website.


What Is The Form of The Domain?

A domain consists of a domain name and a domain extension. Have you ever accessed a website with a specific address or URL? For example “” then “google” is the domain name. While (dot)COM is a domain extension.


What Is a Domain Extension?

The domain extension is the suffix of the domain. There are various kinds of domain extensions to choose from. There are 2 categories for domain extensions. First, there are TLD (international) domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org etc. Second, there is a domain extension which is a domain that is specific to the region, for example .nz,, for country of New Zealand.


What is Domain Level?

Domains also have a domain level. There are 3 level domains, namely Top Level Domain, Second Level Domain and Third Level Domain. This domain level is used to determine the level of the domain. For (dot)com belongs to the gTLD or Generic Top Level Domain category. Then “google” includes Second Level Domain. For Third Level Domain, is the word that is to the left of Second Level Domain. For example “” then “mail” is called a Third Level Domain or commonly called a Subdomain.


How To Choose a Domain For a Website

Now you understand the meaning of the domain and how the domain functions in a website. Before choose web hosting, you have to prepare a website name and domain extension. Here is how to choose the best domain name for your website.

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