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300+ High Domain Authority Backlinks to Improve Google Rankings

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high domain authority backlinks

high domain authority backlinks

Website owners who want to get a higher ranking in Google search results may have heard of the word “Domain Authority”. This word is often associated with the ability of a website to rank in Google search results.

But is it true that increasing high domain authority backlinks will make your website definitely rank at the top?


It’s actually not that simple. There are many factors involved in the SEO optimization process, so an increase in domain authority (DA) will not necessarily give you the ranking you expect.

For that we need to know more deeply the term Domain Authority.


What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is one way to measure the strength of incoming backlinks to your website. In general, well-known SEO tool providers use this metric. It’s just that they give different names to each other.

For example, in Moz.com the domain authority name is used, while in Ahrefs.com the term domain rating is used. This metric generally uses a scale from 0 to 100.

What you need to know is that the scale of the domain rating or domain authority is logarithmic. That means it’s much harder to move up from domain authority 69 to 70 than from domain authority 9 to 10.Read More »300+ High Domain Authority Backlinks to Improve Google Rankings

What Is an Inbound Link and Its Benefits for Your Website

what is an inbound link

what is an inbound link

For those of you who are optimizing websites, you may have heard the word inbound links. But what is an inbound link?

In short, inbound links are links from other websites that point to your website (inbound links).

Inbound links are also often referred to as backlinks. Well, links that point to your website will have a positive or negative influence on the development of the website depending on its use.

Actually there are three types of links that have an impact on your website, such as internal links, outbound links and inbound links. This time, let’s focus on discussing inbound links.


Inbound Link Benefits

Inbound links to your website play an important role in a website optimization (SEO) strategy. This is because the more quality inbound links (quantity) will help boost the ranking position of a keyword.

A simple example of an inbound link is a page on Wikipedia providing a reference to an article, the reference link when clicked will lead to your site (Wikipedia site to your website).

In addition to getting links, actually your website can also provide inbound links to other websites (your website to other websites).Read More »What Is an Inbound Link and Its Benefits for Your Website

Link Building Strategy: How to Create NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks Code

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dofollow backlink code

dofollow backlink code

Do you know how to put the dofollow backlinks code correctly?

The discussion about how to make dofollow and nofollow links is closely related to backlinks, or also known as dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. The discussion about this link is not too complicated, but it is not trivial.

Because if you place and use this dofollow backlink HTML code correctly, then you can raise your article or content to the top rank in Google SERP.

How to create and get this dofollow backlinks?

Let’s look at the following explanation.


What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Before we start discussing how to create a dofollow link, it’s a good idea to first understand what a dofollow backlinks code is.

Dofollow is an HTML attribute whose job it is to code Google and other search engines to follow the ‘SEO value’ of a particular link. Simply put, this HTML attribute makes search engines like Google follow an existing link or URL.Read More »Link Building Strategy: How to Create NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks Code

Should You Get or Avoid Black Hat Backlinks?

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black hat backlinks

black hat backlinks

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO for websites, is a useful technique for increasing the ranking and popularity of a website.

This technique is known to be complicated, requires great effort and of course requires a long time.

Various kinds of techniques are carried out, either white hat or black hat SEO on websites that can produce quality backlinks or black hat backlinks.


Why do some people apply black hat SEO?

The application of SEO techniques that are not in accordance with the rules or regulations in SEO optimization aims to get the website to get the highest ranking.

This is a shortcut but does not use the correct SEO techniques.

What is black hat SEO?

Let’s review in this article, whether you need to do or avoid it to increase the ranking of your website.Read More »Should You Get or Avoid Black Hat Backlinks?

Do Backlinks Help SEO? 7 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks

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do backlinks help seo

do backlinks help seo

In SEO, the role of backlinks is very important in the process of achieving high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In order to do backlinks help SEO, how to make quality backlinks must be considered.


In addition, there are several steps before building backlinks that must also be done in preparation so that the backlinks you create are not wasted.

But before going to the main point of the discussion on how to create backlinks, let’s first discuss the basic understanding you need to know about backlinks.


What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link from a website that points to your web page.

The backlinks that you get are usually called inbound links or incoming links.

You can provide backlinks for other websites, but make sure the composition of nofollow backlinks is more than dofollow backlinks.

To increase website rank, you need to build backlinks from other websites that post links and direct visitors to your website.Read More »Do Backlinks Help SEO? 7 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks

Why and How to Disavowing Backlinks

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disavowing backlinks

disavowing backlinks

Backlinks are arguably the most important Google ranking factor. There are many high quality backlinks that have high authority from well-known websites.

So what if your website gets spam backlinks that contain negative things.

You can reject links or disavowing backlinks that are intentionally installed by irresponsible parties or competitors who use black hat SEO techniques.

You need to know, with so many negative backlinks, your website can be penalized by Google.

As a result, your website is eliminated from certain keywords or even completely disappears from Google.


If your website is exposed to negative backlinks, immediately collect all negative backlinks and submit disavow backlinks to Google.

After you upload all the links, the process will take approximately 2 weeks to 1 month to be able to see the results if all the negative backlinks have been deleted from Google search.


So, how do you disavow negative backlinks to your website? Let’s find out more about what disavowing backlinks are.Read More »Why and How to Disavowing Backlinks

How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

Quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in quality places as well.

One of them is to create a backlink on Wikipedia, but why should you create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Is it possible and how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If you are really trying, actually trying to embed backlinks on Wikipedia is very appropriate with Domain Authority 93 and Page Authority 81.

If the backlinks you get are directed to your website, you will get quality backlinks.Read More »How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

SEO Guide and Submit Sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools

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Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

You as a loyal Google user certainly often use Google Search Console, but there is nothing wrong with using Bing Webmaster Tools for your website.

Bing is a search engine that is widely used after Google with the second largest user in the world.

Bing traffic potential is also fairly high, Bing has at least 1 billion traffic per month. You can submit sitemaps, URL submissions, view SEO Reports and many other features that can be utilized in Bing Webmaster Tools for the benefit of your website.


What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

As the name implies, Bing Webmaster Tools is an SEO helper tool for the Bing search engine. You could say Bing Webmaster Tools works like Google Search Console, only the search engine used is Bing.

What are Bing Webmaster Tools and their functions?

  • Monitor website performance and conduct keyword research.
  • Monitor indexing and crawl control of your website.
  • Block article content that does not need to be indexed.
  • Check for and resolve malware or spam on websites.
  • Report spam links pointing to websites.


After knowing the benefits, you may be looking forward to using Bing Webmaster Tools and doing SEO optimization which will certainly have a positive impact on your website.Read More »SEO Guide and Submit Sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools