How to Get Permanent Backlink from Wikipedia

how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia
how to get permanent backlink from wikipedia

Quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in quality places as well.

One of them is to create a backlink on Wikipedia, but why should you create a backlink on Wikipedia?

Is it possible and how to get permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If you are really trying, actually trying to embed backlinks on Wikipedia is very appropriate with Domain Authority 93 and Page Authority 81.

If the backlinks you get are directed to your website, you will get quality backlinks.

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SEO Guide and Submit Sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools

You as a loyal Google user certainly often use Google Search Console, but there is nothing wrong with using Bing Webmaster Tools for your website.

Bing is a search engine that is widely used after Google with the second largest user in the world.

Bing traffic potential is also fairly high, Bing has at least 1 billion traffic per month. You can submit sitemaps, URL submissions, view SEO Reports and many other features that can be utilized in Bing Webmaster Tools for the benefit of your website.


What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

As the name implies, Bing Webmaster Tools is an SEO helper tool for the Bing search engine. You could say Bing Webmaster Tools works like Google Search Console, only the search engine used is Bing.

What are Bing Webmaster Tools and their functions?

  • Monitor website performance and conduct keyword research.
  • Monitor indexing and crawl control of your website.
  • Block article content that does not need to be indexed.
  • Check for and resolve malware or spam on websites.
  • Report spam links pointing to websites.


After knowing the benefits, you may be looking forward to using Bing Webmaster Tools and doing SEO optimization which will certainly have a positive impact on your website.

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How to Check Spammy Backlinks and Remove It with Google Disavow Links Tool

check spammy backlinks
check spammy backlinks

As we know, the virtual world is the real world in our daily life which consists of various types of people, there is good people and vice versa.

Those who don’t like your website, for example, will do many ways to drop web rankings including using spammy backlinks and if necessary get your website deindexed by Google.

One way they can do this is pouring your website with poor quality backlinks, both in appearance and or in content, for example using pornographic anchors, or bringing backlinks from a web that clearly contains malware, malicious or viruses, or it could be from website that has been penalized by Google.

How to check spammy backlinks? You have to know how, because if you don’t, the consequences will be very dangerous and your website will crash in the end.

To give an example of this spammy backlink, you can see it in the real world.

Let’s say you have a business called “Restaurant Hosting”. Unbeknownst to you, someone has posted signs on every street leading to a restaurant with the words: “Restaurant Hosting, Free Dining, 1 Km More”.

With signposts like that, how would you describe a Hosting Restaurant? Of course your visitors will try to enter, but will soon be disappointed by the promotion on the signposts that do not match reality.


How does the illustration work on search engines? Yes, of course it’s bad. Not only will the contents of the signposts provide false information that will get Google booted, but Google will also brand your restaurant a liar so it doesn’t deserve to be included in the “recommended restaurant” list.

Spammy backlinks can also be because we choose SEO optimization services that are very careless in providing backlinks. That is, only provide as many backlinks as possible regardless of the content and form of the web that provides backlinks to your website.

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Step by Step How to Add a Website and Check Backlinks in Google Analytics

check backlinks in Google Analytics
check backlinks in Google Analytics

Whether you are a beginner or experienced blogger, you need to add a website and check backlinks in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is very important for every website and is one of the most used trackers to monitor traffic to a website.

In addition, it also has various metrics that can be measured and help us in analyzing traffic to visitor activity on your website.

Day by day, the features in Google Analytics are getting more complete and of course easier to use.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool created by the internet giant Google to make it easier for Webmasters to know how far a website has grown over time from a visitor/traffic point of view.

Google Analytics, like Google Search Console, is an important tool for bloggers to develop websites.

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How to Generate More Backlinks to Your Website (Natural Link Building)

generate more backlinks to your website
generate more backlinks to your website

After writing quality articles, you must be thinking about how to generate more backlinks to your website from other websites.

A powerful combination of quality articles and backlinks will certainly bring in a lot of visitors, this means your website will be on the first page of the Google search engine.

How to generate quality backlinks is one of the important foundations and the best technique in SEO optimization because logically your website is a reference source from other websites.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic process of website optimization to make websites appear optimally on search engines. In practice, SEO consists of two main components namely On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO optimization puts forward structural elements on the website, while Off-Page SEO involves elements or efforts outside the website. In terms of producing quality backlinks, of course it belongs to the Off-Page SEO category.

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How to Check Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks
Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

On the website there are two types of links that are often mentioned in SEO optimization, namely nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

But what do nofollow and dofollow mean?

Dofollow backlinks are a term for the type of links that will be crawled by Google’s web crawler engine (googlebot) and the crawling results can affect the ranking of these targeted links in Google rankings.

Backlink nofollow is a type of link that will give instructions to googlebot not to crawl the targeted link. So that nofollow backlinks do not affect Google rankings.

So a good link to increase the ranking of a page is a dofollow backlink.

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What are Contextual Backlinks? Proven Ways for Link Building Strategy

contextual backlinks
contextual backlinks

Contextual backlinks are active backlinks that are attached to other website posts or articles.

This type of backlink is of high quality with a footprint that is attached directly to the article so that it has a greater ability to boost website rank.

It can also be interpreted as anchor text (in the form of an active link and title) attached to an article on another website that leads either to the main page of your website or to other pages of the website.

Contextual backlinks are special because your website links are referenced by the website owner, not like links planted in spam comments.

So naturally there are many webmasters or SEO experts who are willing to spend large amounts of money just to get backlinks.

If likened to a building, backlinks are the foundation, and then automatically if you have strong backlinks, your website will be more solid in surviving on search engines like Google.


There are many types of backlinks such as profile backlinks, comment backlinks, guest book backlink, social signal backlinks, blogroll backlinks and the ones that have the best influence and quality are contextual backlinks.

Backlinks are used for useful optimization for your website aimed at:

  • Increase Website Credibility

For Google’s algorithm, backlinks work like vote and recommendation to facilitate website ranking on search engines.

So if your website wants to be popular and be on page one of Google, one of them is by increasing the number of backlinks.

But remember, there are still 200 other factors in the Google algorithm so you also have to pay attention to maximize website performance.

For example, such as website speed, website structure, brand strength, content quality and so on.

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How to Get Quality Backlinks: 4 Types of Backlinks

quality backlinks8
quality backlinks8

What is backlink? Backlink is one of the important aspects that can determine the position of a website in search engine searches.

As a result, the question of what backlinks are and how to get quality backlinks is a target for most website owners.

The problem is, not all types of backlinks have a good value. In fact, there are types of backlinks that can take your website to a worse position.


What Are Quality Backlinks?

Simply put, quality backlinks are the types of backlinks that not everyone can get.

If you just get any backlinks, everyone can do it. Something that most people can do indicates that something is not special. Is not it?

That’s a sign of quality backlinks, which are difficult for others to imitate and not everyone can get them.


4 Types of Backlinks

Backlinks consist of 4 types in general that you can practice:

  1. Backlink Profile

This type of backlink is generally found on the profile page of a registered user on a website. Often the address format of the profile is like this:

On that page there will be a link that points to you, but the backlink profile has a small power contribution. Even though the contribution is small, you can still make the process of creating a backlink profile part of your website’s SEO.


  1. Comment Backlinks

This type of backlink is most often done by bloggers, publishers, or optimizers. Even people who don’t understand SEO are very active in doing this type of link building.

But their mindset when doing this is to get a return visit from the owner of the website where the comments are left.

This comment backlink is power divided into 2 kinds of dofollow and nofollow, try to comment on websites with dofollow status.


  1. Social Bookmark

Social bookmarking is a website that allows visitors to submit content from each visitor’s website.

Examples of social bookmarking websites are Quora, Pinterest, Medium, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, etc.


  1. Contextual Backlinks

This is the most powerful type of backlink among other types of backlinks. So powerful, it can be said that 1 contextual backlink is equivalent to 100 comment backlinks on websites that both have 15 DA.

The main characteristic of contextual backlinks is the backlink in the middle of the article. For example, on this page there is an outbound link, then that link is a contextual backlink for that website or page.


Well, the power contribution of this type of backlink will be even more so when the article where the contextual backlink is located contains the following elements:

  • Articles relevant to backlinks. For example, our keyword/article is about hosting, and you have a backlink from an article that also discusses hosting.
  • The article where the backlink applies good SEO rules.
  • Contextual backlinks are on authority or popular websites.
  • Contextual backlinks are on articles that are already on page one of Google.

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