What are Contextual Backlinks? Proven Ways for Link Building Strategy

contextual backlinks
contextual backlinks

Contextual backlinks are active backlinks that are attached to other website posts or articles.

This type of backlink is of high quality with a footprint that is attached directly to the article so that it has a greater ability to boost website rank.

It can also be interpreted as anchor text (in the form of an active link and title) attached to an article on another website that leads either to the main page of your website or to other pages of the website.

Contextual backlinks are special because your website links are referenced by the website owner, not like links planted in spam comments.

So naturally there are many webmasters or SEO experts who are willing to spend large amounts of money just to get backlinks.

If likened to a building, backlinks are the foundation, and then automatically if you have strong backlinks, your website will be more solid in surviving on search engines like Google.


There are many types of backlinks such as profile backlinks, comment backlinks, guest book backlink, social signal backlinks, blogroll backlinks and the ones that have the best influence and quality are contextual backlinks.

Backlinks are used for useful optimization for your website aimed at:

  • Increase Website Credibility

For Google’s algorithm, backlinks work like vote and recommendation to facilitate website ranking on search engines.

So if your website wants to be popular and be on page one of Google, one of them is by increasing the number of backlinks.

But remember, there are still 200 other factors in the Google algorithm so you also have to pay attention to maximize website performance.

For example, such as website speed, website structure, brand strength, content quality and so on.


  • Bringing Traffic to the Website

One of the real benefits of backlinks that can be seen in numerical statistics is an increase in the amount of traffic from other website referrals.

For example, when you attach a backlink to a press release in a major media, if an article reader clicks on the backlink, it will be taken to your website.

This means that these contextual backlinks bring traffic to your website.


  • Long Term Digital Investment

A backlink is usually permanent or lifetime, its effect on a website can still be enjoyed as long as the link remains alive and the website can be accessed.

You will get benefits in terms of digital investments that have a positive impact on your website in the long term.


When you know the benefits and quality of contextual backlinks, of course you think how to do it right? These are proven link building strategies using contextual backlinks:

  • Create Unique and Quality Article Content

Quality articles are not enough to make the article in the top position of search engines, to get the top ranking you must create articles that can be easily detected by search engines.

So you have to make articles that are unique, quality and SEO friendly.

If you make an article about the meaning of the struggle of war veteran heroes then you can involve friends and veterans to give a deeper soul to the article.

Include their social media links or news about them so that in that way you can successfully build links and makes your articles viral on social media.

Take advantage of multimedia to make your articles more interesting, in the form of images or photos during war that will make the article more alive.

In addition, use good language and not boring. Remember, you have to make readers stay long enough on your website’s article pages.


  • Become a Guest Post

Some bloggers practice guest posting by prioritizing numbers with the assumption that more guest posts = more backlinks.

This is the way that beginners do, but you have to do it in a smarter way because you have to send a lot of email offers just to get a few articles that can be published.

So if you do this without paying attention to the quality of their website and without considering its relevance to your website, you will find it difficult to get quality contextual backlinks.

Of course it’s different if at the beginning you do direct filtering to filter websites based on niche, relevance, and authority.

So if you expect a long-term investment from this guest post, then you need to identify and make a list of websites that are indeed feasible based on the criteria above.

The goal is not the number of websites, but the quality. This website should have stable traffic and consistently published articles.

If the website is also active on social media and has quite a lot of followers, it will be better.

Find out if they invite guest bloggers to write, they usually have a dedicated “Guest Post” or “Write for Us” page.

Read the guest post offer page and if it matches your website criteria, please contact them via the contact form or email listed on the website.


  • Offer Exchange Link

If you find it difficult to become a guest post, then you have to offer something that is also useful for their website.

You can work with professionals or website owners with the same relevance. You can communicate with them and explain that their articles will be references on your website.

Offer an exchange link but with the concept of a one way link, so if you have websites A and B then you become a guest post article for website A on their website C.

However, you should not publish articles from website C on website A, but publish on website B yours.

So the one way link is for website A -> website C, and website C -> website B.



One thing you need to know, before you optimize your website using contextual backlinks, you should first optimize technical matters related to the performance of your website.

Examples include using a responsive theme, a mobile user friendly theme, increasing loading speed, use quality web hosting and write quality articles.

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