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What Is an Inbound Link and Its Benefits for Your Website

what is an inbound link

what is an inbound link

For those of you who are optimizing websites, you may have heard the word inbound links. But what is an inbound link?

In short, inbound links are links from other websites that point to your website (inbound links).

Inbound links are also often referred to as backlinks. Well, links that point to your website will have a positive or negative influence on the development of the website depending on its use.

Actually there are three types of links that have an impact on your website, such as internal links, outbound links and inbound links. This time, let’s focus on discussing inbound links.


Inbound Link Benefits

Inbound links to your website play an important role in a website optimization (SEO) strategy. This is because the more quality inbound links (quantity) will help boost the ranking position of a keyword.

A simple example of an inbound link is a page on Wikipedia providing a reference to an article, the reference link when clicked will lead to your site (Wikipedia site to your website).

In addition to getting links, actually your website can also provide inbound links to other websites (your website to other websites).


What exactly is the function of inbound links on your website?

  • Increase Website Ranking

It turns out that the higher the quality of the inbound links you get, the easier it will be for your website to be on page one of Google searches.

Indeed, there is no definite value for assessing the quality level of a link, but you can use the link rating made by Ahrefs, Moz or Semrush. Make sure that you get inbound links of good quality and credibility.


  • Increase Visitors to Website

With increasing website ranking, it will also have an impact on increasing visitors to your website. The visitors are obtained from reference links provided by other websites.

In addition, if your website keywords increase, it will provide opportunities for visitors to come from search results on Google.


  • Increase Brand Awareness

By getting links from credible sites, readers on the website will judge that your website has a good reputation.

For example, WordPress.org contains an article discussing hosting and provides a reference to Bluehost.com.

Indirectly the Inbound Link provided by WordPress will increase the Brand Awareness of Bluehost.


Types of Good Inbound Links

In an inbound link generally the highest percentage of effectiveness is with the DoFollow rail link attribute and the second is the NoFollow link. Then what kind of inbound links have benefits for your website?

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    Credible Website

If you get inbound links from credible websites, it will have a big impact on your site. You know the credibility of the website from the link authority.

Actually link authority is based on the overall value of the website. Or it can be said if a website gets a lot of inbound links for its domain and to every page on the website, then the website has high link authority.

For example, Bluehost gets various inbound links from various websites including from WordPresshostplans.com, then forwards the link to WordPress.org.

This will make WordPress even more popular with strong inbound links.


  • Appropriate Anchor Text

Make sure that the inbound links pointing to your website use the appropriate anchor text. Inbound links that point to your website can be in the form of a naked URL or with Anchor Text with placement in the body of the article (contextual link) or in the sidebar.

For naked URLs it means links that use the anchor text link itself, for example like this: https://www.wordpresshostplans.com/blog/step-by-step-how-to-add-a-website-and-check-backlinks-in-google-analytics/


While the link in the form of anchor text for example like this: What Is an Inbound Link?

The link originally had a long URL but was changed to be shorter using the words that match the link.


  • Have Inbound Links from Various Websites

Not only getting inbound links from websites that are credible and trusted in the industry, you also have to try to get inbound links from various websites.

The variety of websites that link to your website will increase the number of people who visit it. In addition, you can also find out and analyze website visitors from various different sources.



Now your mind is open about what is an inbound link and many positive benefits obtained for your website.

Are you interested in creating inbound links? You can start right now by writing as a Guest Post.

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