Why and How to Disavowing Backlinks

disavowing backlinks
disavowing backlinks

Backlinks are arguably the most important Google ranking factor. There are many high quality backlinks that have high authority from well-known websites.

So what if your website gets spam backlinks that contain negative things.

You can reject links or disavowing backlinks that are intentionally installed by irresponsible parties or competitors who use black hat SEO techniques.

You need to know, with so many negative backlinks, your website can be penalized by Google.

As a result, your website is eliminated from certain keywords or even completely disappears from Google.


If your website is exposed to negative backlinks, immediately collect all negative backlinks and submit disavow backlinks to Google.

After you upload all the links, the process will take approximately 2 weeks to 1 month to be able to see the results if all the negative backlinks have been deleted from Google search.


So, how do you disavow negative backlinks to your website? Let’s find out more about what disavowing backlinks are.


Negative SEO Attack

Bad backlinks are also the subject of a very unscrupulous strategy called Negative SEO Attacks.

At this point, everyone with the lowest SEO knowledge knows not to buy hundreds or thousands of backlinks because that will inevitably lead to a penalty on your site.


Instead, you can attack your competitors by buying all those backlinks and redirecting them to your competitors’ domains, ensuring they get penalized.

The only recourse for victims of negative SEO attacks is to reject all links targeting their site.


What are Disavow Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply defined as links from other sites to your site. For example, A is your website, while B is someone’s website.

Furthermore, website B provides a link in one of the articles, which if clicked will go to your website A.

So that’s what is called a backlink which is very useful for achieving good rankings in Google or Bing search engines.


In the past, some website owners were looking for as many backlinks as possible regardless of the requirements or quality. But as Google’s algorithm changes, the backlink requirements become more stringent.

Massive and abnormal backlink planting routines have the potential to get a penalty, sandbox or worst of all being deindexed.


Disavowing backlinks is the act of rejecting backlinks that you don’t want in the form of negative backlinks from black hat SEO attacks from parties who are not responsible for getting rid of the SERP results of website pages.


Google Disavow link is a tool or tools provided by Google to reject backlinks that are not needed or even give a negative SEO effect on your website.

This is the benefits of the Google Disavow Links feature which can be found in Google Search Console.

This feature helps you remove or rather remove spam links as a group of backlinks to websites. Thus, the bad impact caused to your website can be eliminated.


How to Disavow Backlinks from Negative SEO through Google Disavow Tool

  • Open Google Search Console to find out where the backlinks are coming to your website.
  • To start rejecting unwanted spammy backlinks, you can use a powerful tool, namely Google Disavow Link:
  • The first step you have to open the Google Disavow tool.
  • Select property if you have multiple websites in Google Search Console.
  • Check the website’s top backlinks on Google Search Console.
  • You can replace the latest negative SEO backlinks, but if it’s the first time you can just upload a link with the following format:

One page to disapprove complete with URLs: http://spam.example.com/stuff/paid-links.html

One domain to disapprove: http://spam.example.com

  • You can download all the backlink lists from Google Search Console and first sort the backlinks you want to reject with the format as above.
  • Save it in .txt format, don’t forget before uploading the backlink that you want to reject, crosscheck it twice.


To see the results you have to be patient to give Google time to crosscheck and it will take approximately two weeks to a month.


Use White Hat SEO Techniques

You have to protect the website that you built with difficulty from black hat SEO attacks.

Don’t retaliate and stick to white hat SEO techniques to beat the keyword competition.

Hopefully this tutorial can help those of you who are attacked by negative SEO and lower your SERP on Google search.

Keep the spirit and disavowing backlinks from negative SEO.

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