How to Enable Debug Mode in WordPress

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how to enable debug mode in wordpress

how to enable debug mode in wordpress

Do you know how to enable debug mode in WordPress? Although many people choose the WordPress platform, WordPress users still find problems with their website.


If your WordPress website has an error, you can activate the debug mode in WordPress and the error will be recorded in the debug log. You will be able to edit wp-config.php and also view WordPress Error Logs.


What is WordPress Debug Mode?

Before you learn how to enable WordPress debug mode, it’s a good idea for you to know what debug mode is.

Debug mode in WordPress will be very useful in solving problems on WordPress websites and will be recorded as an error.log file. That way you can find out the cause of the problem on your WordPress website.Read More »How to Enable Debug Mode in WordPress

What Is 502 Bad Gateway and How to Solve It

502 bad gateway

502 bad gateway

Sometimes when you are browsing and opening a website, you experience the 502 Bad Gateway error. One of the most common types of website errors that you will see is the HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error.

This is a type of error that not only occurs on WordPress websites, but sometimes also occurs on Gmail, Twitter, and Cloudflare.


In simple terms, this is a condition where both web managers and web users are faced with a blank condition so that the website can no longer be operated. Likewise, people who want to access the web or blog, will be constrained because the condition of the blog only has the words 502 bad gateway.


If you experience 502 bad gateway, don’t panic and despair. This condition is indeed annoying, especially if the website you manage is very influential for the existence of your business.

If you are faced with this problem, there are several steps you can take to solve it. But before stepping on the discussion of how to solve it, it’s a great idea to find out what and the cause. Now for more details, please follow the full discussion below.Read More »What Is 502 Bad Gateway and How to Solve It

10 Ways to Fix WordPress 403 Forbidden Error

wordpress 403 forbidden

wordpress 403 forbidden

Maybe you are familiar with the term “404 Not Found Error“, but have you ever encountered a WordPress 403 Forbidden Error while accessing a website?

You as a website owner can lose a lot of potential visitors if this error is not fixed immediately. The 403 Forbidden Error message is an HTTP status code that appears when you try to access a page and forbids you to view it.


Seeing a 403 Forbidden Error notification on a computer or smartphone screen is definitely annoying and frustrating, here is a guide on how to fix it.


What is WordPress 403 Forbidden?

A 403 Forbidden Error is what happens when the web page (or other resource) you are trying to open in a web browser is either disabled or banned. It’s called a 403 Forbidden Error because that’s the HTTP status code that web servers use to describe such errors.


You usually encounter this error for one of two reasons. The first is that the owner of the web server has set the access permissions correctly, and you are not allowed to access the resource. The second reason is that the owner of the web server has set the permissions incorrectly and you are denied access when you shouldn’t.


You may see a 403 Forbidden Error message that looks different on certain websites. The website may use a slightly different name for this. For example, you might see things like:

  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden
  • 403 forbidden request forbidden by administrative rules
  • 403 Forbidden
  • Access Denied You don’t have permission to access
  • Error 403
  • Error 403 Forbidden
  • Error 403 Access Denied
  • HTTP ERROR 403
  • 403 Forbidden – nginx
  • Forbidden
  • You are not authorized to view this page
  • Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory/file] on this server
  • It appears you don’t have permission to access this page
  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden – You do not have permission to access the document or program you requested
  • Access to [your domain] was denied. You don’t have the authorization to view this page.

Read More »10 Ways to Fix WordPress 403 Forbidden Error

8 Methods to Fix 401 Unauthorized Error

401 unauthorized

401 unauthorized

It can be said that this 401 Unauthorized error is one of the most annoying WordPress errors. How come? For visitors, you cannot login to the website and enjoy its features.

As for website owners, you cannot enter the admin dashboard from your own website. Annoying, right?


You really need to know how to fix WordPress 401 unauthorized or authorization required. You will not realize when it comes and when you experience the error, you will certainly be confused about how to solve it.

This 401 unauthorized error is often found on several types of websites, especially for websites that are already quite large.

If you have a website that is quite large and has a lot of visitor traffic, then don’t be surprised if you experience this.


Finding out how to fix an unauthorized 401 WordPress is very important to anticipate if it happens again. If you have learned how to deal with it, it will be easier to act when the website has an error like that. Some error displays may appear as follows:

  • “Authorization Required”
  • “401 Unauthorized”
  • “HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized”
  • “disabled_client. The OAuth client was disabled”
  • “invalid_client”
  • “deleted_client” etc.

Read More »8 Methods to Fix 401 Unauthorized Error

Namecheap Domain Registration with Discount Price

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Domain prices on Namecheap are among the cheapest among domain name registrars.

However, you can get a domain at a discount, which means it’s even cheaper.

There is always a list of valid coupons for almost all Namecheap domain registration.

In addition, domain renewal prices on NameCheap are cheaper than GoDaddy.

Furthermore, FREE domain transfers between accounts at Namecheap, sometimes there are fees at other domain registrar’s.

So it’s reasonable with a cheaper price and better facilities, some users transfer the domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap.


Before registering a domain, you need to prepare a few things:

  • Domain name and alternatives.
  • Budget funds to buy a domain name.
  • Email for registration and login.

Read More »Namecheap Domain Registration with Discount Price

How to Activate Namecheap SSL Certificate

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namecheap ssl certificate

namecheap ssl certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has become the new standard for modern websites to gain high credibility in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and website visitors.

Why should you install SSL? Yes absolutely, because SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a technology for securing website domains to be encrypted.


SSL also functions so that the personal data of your website visitors does not leak to irresponsible people.

Personal data such as email, telephone, credit card information, and others are very important and need to be kept confidential.


That way, you must install SSL on your website. Hmm… will it cost you more?

Not really, some hosting service providers offer free SSL.

For example, a free Namecheap SSL certificate is one of the features offered in the Namecheap hosting plan.

Requirements to get a Namecheap SSL Certificate:

  • Have a hosting package (at least Shared Hosting).

  • Have a website to host on Namecheap.

You can still get an SSL certificate even if the website domain name is with another hosting provider.

Most importantly, your website is hosted on Namecheap.Read More »How to Activate Namecheap SSL Certificate

How to Sell Your Products on GoDaddy Marketplace

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godaddy marketplace

godaddy marketplace

You have domains, hosting and excellent products to sell.

Did you know your product can also be sold on Amazon, eBay or other online stores?

If you have a domain or hosting at GoDaddy, it’s time for you to take advantage of the GoDaddy Marketplace to promote your excellent products.


This step-by-step guide will help you set up your store on the GoDaddy Marketplace.

Even if you are a beginner in online selling, there is no need to worry because Marketplace Manager is your window into this online selling.

Just follow each step as described, you have an excellent product and let’s set up your online store.Read More »How to Sell Your Products on GoDaddy Marketplace

GoDaddy Domain Parking Setup Guide to Blogspot

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godaddy domain parking

godaddy domain parking

GoDaddy is an internet domain hosting and registrar company. GoDaddy as one of the largest domain name providers has 59 million domain names ready to be used for its customers.

In addition to registering or purchasing domains and hosting, GoDaddy also sells e-business related software and services.

Domain parking in a simple explanation is the use of a domain name without providing the contents of the registered domain. Domain buyers usually hunt for good domain names, but because there are no ideas for their development, they are finally parked on a certain host. which has the slogan “domain, website and everything in between” provides any services related to domain hosting, one of which is monetize domains without any content.


GoDaddy Domain Parking Guide

For those of you who are already a domain customer at GoDaddy and want to install DNS but still have problems, you don’t have to worry.

The following is a GoDaddy domain parking setup guide to Blogspot:Read More »GoDaddy Domain Parking Setup Guide to Blogspot