Godaddy Shared Hosting: Does It Really Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?



GoDaddy Inc. is a domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The company owned by Bob Parsons is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona which is engaged in several business sectors, including web hosting, domains and Office 365.

This time we will review the performance of GoDaddy shared hosting.

GoDaddy has several types of hosting, namely WordPress & Shared Hosting. WordPress hosting is intended for users who want to focus on content only but are less flexible to install CMS other than WordPress.

Meanwhile, Godaddy shared hosting can be used for various purposes, both for blog websites, online stores or forum websites.

Many hosting service providers offer hosting packages with various advantages, especially if you are planning to move from the old hosting to the new one.

You can compare hosting plans; some even offer a Black Friday plan with a 40% discount for the first 4 months.Read More »Godaddy Shared Hosting: Does It Really Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?

How to Migrate from Shared Hosting to Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Cloud

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Cloudways is a managed WordPress hosting cloud provider from leading platforms such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and GCE.

You can choose 5 platforms provided by Cloudways with different prices and specifications and here we will explain the steps and how the website performs after migration.

Cloudways is holding a special promo this November BFCM 2021: 40% DISCOUNT on all your hosting packages for 4 months.

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How to Get Quality Backlinks: 4 Types of Backlinks

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quality backlinks8

quality backlinks8

What is backlink? Backlink is one of the important aspects that can determine the position of a website in search engine searches.

As a result, the question of what backlinks are and how to get quality backlinks is a target for most website owners.

The problem is, not all types of backlinks have a good value. In fact, there are types of backlinks that can take your website to a worse position.


What Are Quality Backlinks?

Simply put, quality backlinks are the types of backlinks that not everyone can get.

If you just get any backlinks, everyone can do it. Something that most people can do indicates that something is not special. Is not it?

That’s a sign of quality backlinks, which are difficult for others to imitate and not everyone can get them.


4 Types of Backlinks

Backlinks consist of 4 types in general that you can practice:

  1. Backlink Profile

This type of backlink is generally found on the profile page of a registered user on a website. Often the address format of the profile is like this:

On that page there will be a link that points to you, but the backlink profile has a small power contribution. Even though the contribution is small, you can still make the process of creating a backlink profile part of your website’s SEO.


  1. Comment Backlinks

This type of backlink is most often done by bloggers, publishers, or optimizers. Even people who don’t understand SEO are very active in doing this type of link building.

But their mindset when doing this is to get a return visit from the owner of the website where the comments are left.

This comment backlink is power divided into 2 kinds of dofollow and nofollow, try to comment on websites with dofollow status.


  1. Social Bookmark

Social bookmarking is a website that allows visitors to submit content from each visitor’s website.

Examples of social bookmarking websites are Quora, Pinterest, Medium, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, etc.


  1. Contextual Backlinks

This is the most powerful type of backlink among other types of backlinks. So powerful, it can be said that 1 contextual backlink is equivalent to 100 comment backlinks on websites that both have 15 DA.

The main characteristic of contextual backlinks is the backlink in the middle of the article. For example, on this page there is an outbound link, then that link is a contextual backlink for that website or page.


Well, the power contribution of this type of backlink will be even more so when the article where the contextual backlink is located contains the following elements:

  • Articles relevant to backlinks. For example, our keyword/article is about hosting, and you have a backlink from an article that also discusses hosting.
  • The article where the backlink applies good SEO rules.
  • Contextual backlinks are on authority or popular websites.
  • Contextual backlinks are on articles that are already on page one of Google.

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30 High DA to Get Free Backlinks for Your Website

free backlink6

free backlink6

Link building is a way to get backlinks from other websites to your website.

If you want to get a lot of visitors, then you must occupy the top position in the search results. In order to get a good ranking, you need backlinks, especially if you manage to get free backlinks.

This is because backlinks are one of the main factors in SEO.

But it’s not that easy…

Currently Google (and other search engines) are becoming very strict in backlink selection.

Not all backlinks can have a positive effect on your website.

Backlinks that are obtained carelessly will not provide positive benefits, even in the long term it can be harmful.


Learning and understanding the concept of backlinks is not easy. The reason is, there are always rules from Google that limit the movement of websites that are considered to be detrimental to many people.

One of them is the presence of the Google Penguin algorithm which is plotted to lower the ranking of sites with the number of irrelevant spam backlinks.

Well, in order to get to know more about backlinks, in this article we will discuss the meaning of backlinks complete with examples, tips, how to get backlinks and a list of 30 high DA to get free backlinks.


What is Backlink?

A backlink is a link that points to your website that is used as a reference or for optimization purposes so that your website is easier to find during the crawl process by search engine robots.

Backlinks have a major role in increasing the reputation of your website or keywords in the eyes of Google, so that your website can appear on the first page of Google.

From search engine website traffic will come. So obviously, the main purpose of backlinks is not to bring in traffic from other websites.

In terms of benefits, there are two types of backlinks, namely dofollow and nofollow.

The two types of backlinks above are actually not different at all, but the dofollow backlink type is more preferred because it has a high value in the eyes of search engines, while the nofollow type is relatively less desirable because it does not have a significant effect on the website.

Today, the need for backlinks is growing rapidly along with SEO-based strategies as a strategy to attract website visitors.

So, are there any tips or powerful ways to find high-quality backlinks?

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Can Google Index a Website If You Don’t Submit a Sitemap?

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submit a sitemap

submit a sitemap

Basically a website or blog even though it is not registered with Google Search Console or other Webmaster Tools such as Bing and DuckDuckGo can still rank by itself.

But it can take months until finally crawlers from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. find your blog so you should submit a sitemap.

Of course, you want your website to be indexed immediately by the Google search engine, which is one of the most important Off Page SEO methods you should do.

Indexing a website is basically like a novelist wanting to publish his book through a publisher. If it is not published or registered then how can people find your website, and how can you make money from it, right?

Here is step by step how to index a website correctly and quickly so that it is quickly indexed on Google.

  1. Create an email

The email required is Gmail and if you use blogspot, then this will make it much easier and faster for you to index if your email and blogspot are registered in one email.


  1. Type Search Console in Google Search

Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster) is a tool to let Google know that you have a website that you want to index.

After you select “Start Now” then you can proceed to the third stage.

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Tech and IOT Trivia Quiz

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Come join the Tech and IOT Trivia Quiz and test how good your knowledge of technology is.

Hostgator Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons



All web hosting providers claim to be web hosting that provides the best servers with unlimited resources.

But when you sign up and use web hosting then you knows the real quality, so it is very important for you to be careful when choosing a web hosting company.

One of the oldest and experienced is HostGator web hosting providers which was founded by Brent Oxley since 2002 in America.

Hostgator has grown to become a leading shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting provider with headquarters in Austin, Houston and Texas.

These are the factors that have played a significant role in how Hostgator has survived as a web hosting provider for almost 20 years.


Server Uptime

Server uptime is the time the server remains active or running, if the percentage of server uptime is low then of course the web hosting is often down so that your website cannot be accessed.

Usually server uptime is written as a percentage of numbers ranging from 1% to 100%.

Of course you want a server uptime with a perfect 100% value, but it is rare for a hosting provider to provide 100% server uptime.

So what is a good percentage value on the uptime of a web hosting server?Read More »Hostgator Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting



Nowadays, finding managed WordPress hosting plan is not difficult, especially for shared hosting options, which are much more diverse at affordable prices.

Of the many hosting providers available today, one of the most popular names you may hear is Bluehost.

It can be said, Bluehost is already very experienced as one of the hosting providers in the world.

Not only known as a cheap hosting provider, but also has a special Bluehost managed WordPress hosting plan that supports the WordPress CMS platform so that it can work optimally.

As internet users who have websites for various purposes, choosing a hosting provider must be careful.

In addition to loss in terms of costs, choosing hosting carelessly will actually harm your own website. Server up-time issues, support, security, and so on are of course a major consideration.

List of Contents:

In this article, we will review the comparison of Bluehost managed WordPress hosting plan with shared hosting plan which aims to help you choose a hosting package that suits your needs.


About Bluehost

Before we get into the Bluehost hosting review section, let’s first get to know Bluehost at a glance.

Bluehost is one of the experienced hosting providers that have been around since 1996 (officially established in 2003).

Bluehost continues to innovate and evolve to fulfill their vision of supporting the needs of people in the web hosting field.

Bluehost is based in Orem, Utah-United States and has more than 2 million customers worldwide. BlueHost has also employed more than 750 employees who have formed into great and professional teams in their company.

Currently the name Bluehost is known as one of the best hosting providers. Especially now Bluehost specifically provides full support for WordPress, which is the best CMS platform in the world.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting

In 2005 Bluehost was recommended directly by for building your website WordPress reliability and expertise.

Bluehost will automatically upgrade the WordPress version for your hosting account so that it automatically has the latest and most secure version.

Not only that, Bluehost also provides access to hundreds of premium versions of themes and plugins for your website needs. As well as access to many tools and services to increase traffic, protect your visitors and easily back up your content.

In 2010 Bluehost became part of EGI (Endurance International Group), a company that also has many hosting providers besides Bluehost.Read More »Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting